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日本に行きたいです ! (I want to go to Japan!)

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Contributed by Ruo Ying

The country that brings Anime to reality - Japan is definitely my dream destination to visit after Covid-19! And why not? It's a destination that is suitable to visit all year around: Cherry Blossom for spring, Matsuri for summer, autumn leaves for autumn and snow festival for winter.

As a big fan of Anime and Manga, visiting Japan is my dream to let myself become the character in my story in which I can experience its unique culture, taste its delicious food, visit its many temples and shrines, enjoy an anime-themed cafe and sightseeing at those places that I have only seen anime and manga. Of course, meeting Monkey D. Ruffy and other characters from One Piece will be the first and the most important highlight in my itinerary.

In my opinion, Japan is a super unique country that can somehow fit travellers of all ages and interests. No matter how old or how young you are, you can enjoy its many vibrant theme parks, shopping streets, temples and overall sightseeing. There are just many things to do for different interests across the nation: Skiing at Hokkaido, eating sushi and ramen at Tokyo's Michelin restaurants, visiting Shirakawago and traditional village showcasing to name a few.

There is no other country like Japan that can accommodate advancements in technology and maintain tradition at the same time! And hence why...日本に行きたいです ! (I want to go to Japan!)

Indeed Japan is a beautiful country all year around with different attractions in all 46 different prefectures. To help you jumpstart your plans to Nihon, Sedunia Travel has a plethora of tours and travel packages around and about Japan. For the uninitiated, they recommend starting in Tokyo before making your way across the region.

To find out more about Japan, check out

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