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3 Adorable Reasons to Visit Taiping, Perak

The quiet town of Taiping, Perak is not a common stop for those going north of Kuala Lumpur. Its neighbouring town, Ipoh tends to get most of the attention for its food affair. But recently, Taiping Zoo's resident tiger, Baby has given us three absolutely adorable reasons to make this sleepy town a day stopover once domestic travel is permitted.

Born on 12 April 2020 amidst a global pandemic, Baby's three new cubs offer a small ray of good news that reminds us that we can still look forward to visiting our local zoos once it's safe again.

Zoo director Dr Kevin Lazarus said the three cubs and their 11-year-old mother were all doing fine and in stable condition. “The cubs are estimated to weigh between 700g and 900g but we have yet to determine their sex. The cubs, which have yet to be named, will remain with their mother, whom zookeepers call Baby, for 18 months,"

“They will be weaned off their mother’s milk when they are between three and four months.

“We will continue to monitor them regularly to ensure their well-being and safety.” Dr Lazarus said it was the fourth birth of Malayan tigers at the zoo since 2009. Baby too was born at Taiping Zoo.

Dr Lazarus said the Malayan tiger, categorised as critically endangered by the Union for Conservation of Nature, could live up to 20 years. “The zoo will continue its efforts to breed, preserve and educate about the wildlife in the country, ” he added.

Taiping Zoo and Night Safari is the only zoo in the north of Peninsular Malaysia and has embarked on an expansion programme which see the building of a new Open Concept animal enclosure. It takes into consideration the natural habitat of the respective animal to keep them relax and comfortable. Furthermore, attempts to breed their animals have been very successful. This has seen the proliferation of such animals like the Malaysian tiger, lion, siamang, deer, nilgai, night heron and many others.

If there was one stop to make if you're on the way to Penang or even to Ipoh, then let it be Taiping Zoo and Night Safari.


Zoo Hours: 8:30am - 6pm

Prices: RM16 (adults), RM8 (children age 3- 12, senior citizens 60 and above)

Safari Hours: 8pm - 11pm

RM20 (adults), RM10 (children age 3- 12, senior citizens 60 and above)

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