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See the light! 10 of the most Instagrammable light installations at Vivid Sydney 2022

Credit: The Electric Canvas: The artists of The Electric Canvas (Australia)

Sydney is one of the most photogenic cities in the world, and during Vivid Sydney, it shines even brighter. Your social feed will burst with colour at this year’s festival, which unearths Sydney's creative soul through contemporary, innovative light works in truly unexpected spaces, from 27 May to 18 June. At night, venture along the longest Light Walk in the history of the event, discover delicious foodie gems around every corner, and snap incredible images for your socials that show off the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest and brightest light festival!

1. Ephemeral Oceanic, by Atelier Sisu

Where: Walsh Bay Pier 1 & 2

Credit: Atelier Sisu: Zara Pasfield (Australia) / Renzo B. Larriviere (Australia)

Bubbles! Bubbles! Everywhere! Step onto a floating boardwalk that weaves between 150 larger-than-life illuminated spheres and experience the pure joy of effervescence. It's as if Walsh Bay has been transformed into a giant bubble bath. Lit from within, the iridescent orbs change colour throughout the night. Choreographed to a unique soundscape, they illuminate the surface of the water creating an unmissable dance of light, making a magical and surreal experience to share on your Instagram feed!

Get the shot: Feel like you’re walking on water as you cross the floating bubble boardwalk and get a snap in between the shiny colourful spheres.

2. Convergence, by Mandylights

Where: The Goods Line Tunnel

Credit: Mandylights: Tanwee Shrestha (Australia)

Ever wanted to explore an abandoned tunnel? This year’s Vivid Sydney will reawaken a secret disused railway tunnel from the city’s past with the largest scale laser installation in Vivid Sydney’s history in Convergence. The mesmerising space features more than 100 custom-made lasers, producing infinite bouncing rays of light that constantly change as beams are caught in clouds of drifting haze. This psychedelic experience of colour, laser and smoke illuminating the blackened walls of the old railway tunnel is the Instagram backdrop of your dreams!

Get the shot: Immerse yourself in the smoke and light and play with the colour and shadow deep in the tunnel.

3. Sydney Infinity, by Oracle Liquid

Where: Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour

Credit: Oracle Liquid Pty Ltd: Glenn Turner (Australia)

Get set for the largest water fountain light show in Australian history! Gather by the harbour’s edge to see hundreds of multi-textured jets and nozzles fan water into shifting shapes and expressive fountains, all set to a soundtrack that delves into the soul of Sydney. An eye-popping sight the whole family will love, the infinity-shaped floating installation comprises over 250 metres of robotic fountains that can throw an amazing NINE tonnes of water in the air in only ONE second! When simultaneously lit by thousands of powerful LEDs, suddenly you have a fantastic dance of liquid and light that is sure to gather likes on the ‘Gram.

Get the shot: Reserve a window seat in one of Darling Harbour’s many great waterfront restaurants to get dinner with a show.

4. For Sydney With Love, by Ken Done & Spinifex

Where: Customs House

Credit: Ken Done / Spinifex Group / James Morrison

With heritage-listed Customs House as the canvas for this vibrant projection, watch colourful drawings of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge burst to life in a joyful and vibrant animation at this year’s Vivid Sydney festival. Sydney artist Ken Done is one of Australia’s best-known artists, famous for his playful scenes of Sydney Harbour, from boats sailing across the water to pretty gardens, beach scenes and the city's most famous sights. This dazzling display of colour is a true love letter to Sydney – get a snap of Done’s iconic pictures, just steps away from the icons themselves!

Get the shot: On the ground at Customs House, or if you’re catching the train, you’ll get a nice view from platform one at Circular Quay Station.

5. Temple of Joy, by Elliott, Marty & Nicky Routledge

Where: Vivid House, Tumbalong Park

Credit: Funstudio Pty Ltd: Elliott Routledge (Australia) / Marty Routledge (Australia) / Nicholas Routledge (Australia)

Be one of the first to experience the latest addition to the Vivid Sydney Light Walk: Vivid House, an immersive program of five light and music artworks that morph across 360-degree LED walls. In Temple of Joy, the Sydney-based artists have created an ode to the city’s dancefloors – with a multisensory visual extravaganza where you can’t help but put on your dancing shoes! Watch the walls change colour and pattern, forming an everchanging backdrop for a dance-off on your social feeds.

Get the shot: Show off your best moves on the dancefloor – grooving is wildly encouraged in this vibrant space.

6. Endless Love, by Michaela Gleave

Where: Above Circular Quay Station

Credit: Michaela Gleave (Australia)

The perfect selfie station for you to proclaim your love for friends, family, your soulmate or just Sydney itself! This bright declaration of “Endless Love” shines right above one of the city’s busiest travel ports – Circular Quay – and embraces Sydney with a colourful, welcoming and luminous gesture. Stand underneath it with whomever you love and post it to the world!

Get the shot: Jump aboard a ferry or cruise to snap this glowing text from the water.

7. Night Whisper, by Amigo & Amigo

Where: First Fleet Park, The Rocks

Credit: Amigo & Amigo

You’ll gather like moths to a flame at this superscale installation inspired by Australia's Bogong moth. Not only does this large-scale artwork look like a giant glowing lightbulb – a spectacular backdrop for your selfies – but watch as the sparkling moths inside the lightbulb cast shadows and unpredictable light patterns all around them offering unique snapshots for you to get creative with your camera!

Get the shot: See the bright lights up close or capture the glow from above on the pedestrian path on the Cahill Expressway.

8. New York Sunday, by Helen Eager & H0rse

Where: Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)

Credit: Helen Eager (Australia) / Julian Reinhold (Australia) / Rico Reinhold (Australia)

Located in the heart of Circular Quay, this is a centrepiece on Vivid Sydney’s 2022 Light Walk, with the modern art gallery’s six-storey façade transforming into a mesmerising geometric animation by Australia’s leading abstract artist Helen Eager. The multi-coloured projection is set to a fun electro-pop soundtrack – a blast of moving colour that is sure to wow your followers.

Get the shot: Grab a seat on the grass outside the gallery to capture the show in its entirety or get a shot standing in front of this famous building.

9. Yarrkalpa (Hunting Ground), Parnngurr Area 2013, by the Martumili Artists

Where: Sydney Opera House

Credit: Martumili Artists

One of the most photographed buildings in Sydney gets a colourful makeover every year at Vivid Sydney! Known as Lighting of the Sails, this year Sydney-based agency Curiious Studio will bring to life the stunning Martumili collective painting Yarrkalpa (Hunting Ground), Parnngurr Area 2013 across the Sydney Opera House’s spectacular sails. This striking painting shows off the Aboriginal connection to the land in a rainbow of dot paintings and incredible visual storytelling – right on the city’s most famous facade!

Get the shot: The Sydney Opera House is best seen from the other side of the harbour by the walkway beside the Overseas Passenger Terminal, or frame up your shot from up high on the Harbour Bridge Pylon.

10. Our Connected City, by Mandylights

Where: Sydney Harbour

Credit: Mandylights

During Vivid Sydney the city skyline becomes united with light as a kaleidoscopic design by Mandylights veils Sydney’s architecture with colourful light. As night falls, watch the harbour transform into a photographer’s dream – watch ribbons of light pulse from the Sydney Harbour Bridge (2022 is the first year the bridge will be emblazoned on both sides!), while 150 searchlight beams cut upwards into the night sky, tracing lines of light across the clouds – a truly surreal spectacle that will make your snapshots of Sydney look almost unbelievable.

Get the shot: Get a selfie from the water on a ferry ride or cross the harbour to Lavender Bay to soak in the whole view from afar.

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