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5 Gift Ideas for Your Globetrotting Parents (& to one-up your siblings while you're at it)

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Some of us get our travel inspiration from books, movies and things we see on a daily basis. Some of us want to travel because we want to relax and getaway, regardless of where the destination. And some of us inherits our wanderlust from our parents. These parents are the ones who won't be stopped by age and retirement only serves to allow them more time to explore the world.

They are the true YOLO generation, having worked hard and saved up for their travels. So why not show your appreciation for your parents by empowering them for their travels with these meaningful gift ideas. And if in the process, this wins you more bonus points over your siblings, why not? ;)

If you're the only child, then feel free to refer to this list for ideas! Because ultimately, we just want to show our parents our gratitude!

1. Batik Passport Cover

Let's start off simple. A passport cover is the ideal gift for anyone attached to their passports. What more by giving your parents two different coloured passport covers, they can say goodbye to mixing up their passports while protecting it from external factors. These batik passport covers are made by local artisans and is available at Butik Boutique.

2. Smartphone Lens Kit

Save packing space without compromising on photos with a versatile Smartphone Lens Kit. Most of these lens kits come equipped with wide angle, zoom, 15x macro, portrait and even a marble effect lens. Not only are you saving luggage space and weight for your parents, you're also helping them capture unforgettable memories of a lifetime. Available on Lazada and Shopee.

3. Scratch It Off Travel Map

Keep fueling their wanderlust with a Scratch It Off Travel map, a practical gift for the ever active globetrotter. Not only does it add some personality to a room, it also acts as a checklist to remind them where they have been and what has yet to be discovered! Available on Lazada and Shopee.

3. Two-Way Translator

With a language barrier, it can be hard to figure out where you’re going or what you’re ordering. Take their travel experience to the next level and help make communication smoother with this Pocketalk, a portable, AI-powered instant voice translation device that breaks down language barriers and bridges the gap between different spoken languages. This one device and a must have for travellers supports 74 languages and counting! Available at Tsunago.

4. Travel Packing Cubes

Source: Says

Staying organized is key to making a trip feel like a vacation. Packing for a trip can be a huge pain. Things get disorganized, and you could end up ripping apart your whole suitcase now to find that one shirt. Instead, organize everything quickly and efficiently with travel packing cubes. Your parents won't be having on holiday arguments about where their clothes are with these. Available on Lazada and Shopee.

5. The Gift of Travel

Of course, the ultimate gift to get for your parents is to put them on a plane and send them on an unforgettable adventure - all expenses paid by you. Collect experiences, not things” – put this mantra into gift-form with a quick weekend trip to one of Malaysia's magical island getaways. A 3D2N weekend trip to Pulau Redang cost only RM389 if booked with Sedunia Travel and covers accommodation, meals and return boat transfer.

If you're feeling really generous and in debt to your parents (and ultimately one-up your siblings), you can book entire package vacation with Globus or Cosmos via Sedunia Travel.

Sedunia Travel has many travel destinations waiting for you and simply with a call or an email, you could be very well on your way to planning that dream holiday for you and your loved ones - be it in Malaysia, Japan, Switzerland, Russia or even Antarctica! So log on to their official website.

But at the end of the day, what matters to your parents is that you are there with them, spending precious time with them as a family. No matter what gift you or your siblings give them, it's the thought that counts.

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