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8 Epic Experiences that awaits in Melbourne, Australia

While getting onboard a plane, passport in hand may seem like a distant dream now, rest assured - it will be a dream that will come true once more in the neat future once this storm has passed. At the meantime, it doesn't hurt to dream and plan for that next adventure.

When it comes to coffee, wildlife and nature, and its many unique laneways amidst its historical buildings, the Australian city of Melbourne is no slouch. Even its surrounding outskirts offer memorable experiences for the adventurous travellers. So hop into a car or a private coach and join us as we take you around the region for the most epic things to do when visiting Melbourne.

1. Slumber close to rhinos and giraffes at Werribee Open Range Zoo

Just 30 minutes from Melbourne's CBD, an amazing array of African animals live on 225 hectares of wide, open Savannah at Werribee Open Range Zoo. Here you will find gorillas, a pride of lions, cheetahs and hippos frolicking in the waters to name a few. A 40 minutes safari tour is included in the Zoo admission price with animal encounters also available at an additional fee. For those looking for an even more unforgettable experience, there is the Slumber Safari where visitors get to sleep in lodgings with en suites and a balcony. These eight tented lodges overlook the Werribee River where if you're lucky, you would be able to wake up to the sounds of rhinos, hippos, giraffes and zebras.

2. Swim with dolphins

To swim with dolphins and seals at Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula is to experience earth's greatest moments. In their natural habitat, south of Melbourne, you can watch these creatures, hear them, and delight in them. In the hands of your experienced tour team, they will take you to where the ever curious Australian Fur Seal are found usually - just going about their native lifestyle without a care in the world. Then to cap off the magical experience, get ready with your mask and snorkel and dive in to swim amongst the intelligent wild Bottle Nose Dolphins.

3. Stargaze and sleep under the stars at Terindah Estate

Perched atop the cliff and with breathtaking views across Port Phillip Bay with access to a private beach is Terindah Estate. The village of 15 luxury bell platformed tents present a camping experience like no other on the Bellarine Peninsula. Picnic right in the open under the stars as you enjoy picnic hampers prepared by the estate. While there, bring along your camera and a tripod and pray for clear night skies as we hear the stars are simply mesmerising once the sun has gone down.

4. Brew your own bottle of gin

What better sourvenir to bring home than your own bottle of gin? At Queenscliff Brewhouse, you can enjoy a taste of the region in the variety of gin types available. If you are still craving for more, you can join our Gin masterclasses to delve into the wonderful world of gin, how it is made and be guided through the process of blending up your very own gin recipe in a take home bottle. To add to the overall experience, you can enjoy your drinks while basking in the sunshine in their outdoor garden or overlooking the Bellarine Peninsula in our upstairs restaurant.

5. Sit back and relax in the warm waters of Peninsula Hot Springs

Enjoy a good soak in the award-winning natural hot spring and day spa destinations of Peninsula Hot Spring, at Mornington Peninsula. The waters of these pools are naturally heated and filled with minerals making for an idyllic setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. Take your pick from a social bathing area with over 50 globally inspired bathing experiences, a spa treatment at Spa Dreaming Centre and the new 360 degree view Hill Top pool. The latest addition offers sweeping views of the surrounding region and with stunning sunset and sunrise views, reservations in advance are a must to secure it.

6. Huff and Puff through Australia's premier preserved steam railway

The journey aboard Puffing Billy takes you through the magnificent Dandenong Ranges, located only one hour east of Melbourne. With lush fern gullies brushing past and Mountain Ash trees towering overhead, Puffing Billy makes for a wonderful opportunity to relax and breathe in the fresh air whilst the train makes its way through the temperate rainforest.

Visitors from around the world enjoy travelling aboard Puffing Billy as a stand-alone experience or as part of a Melbourne day tour.

7. Enjoy a pasar malam experience at Queen Victoria Market

Amidst a cooler climate and temperature, experience a night market unlike any other when you swing by historical and iconic Queen Victoria Market on Wednesday evenings in the summer. Here, the market offers an epic and mouth-watering line-up of food and drink, perfect for enjoying summer in the city.On top of that, visitors can also enjoy an exciting program of live music and entertainment including a night dedicated to local Aussie artists as part of Melbourne Music Week. Previous runs of the summer night market have also seen weekly fun with friends and family at The Night Court pop-up beach volleyball court.

8. Experience Melbourne by guided bike tour

Why walk when you can cycle? There has to be no better way to experience Melbourne's famous laneways and hidden corners than by bike. Melbourne is arguably the most bike friendly city in Australia and this further enhanced by its scenic sightseeing attractions. Experience Melbourne hospitality and discover the best places to eat, drink and shop on this leisurely ride with a local guide. It’s the perfect way to get your bearings and explore the city in just a few hours.

If we've gotten the travel urges in you flowing, it doesn't hurt to start plotting out a possible trip to Melbourne in the near future. Be sure to check out Sedunia Travel to discover more of Australia.

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