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8 Important Things to Know before Traveling to Denmark

Updated: May 3, 2021

You may have heard of this little Scandinavian country, the birth place of Hans Christian Anderson and the Little Mermaid. Located in the Northern Europe, Denmark is one third of Scandinavian countries that make up the Jutland Peninsula - the other two being Norway and Sweden. Denmark is famously perceived as the home of the Vikings although either this statement is true remains to be proven. But nevertheless, it can't be denied that the feel of the good old ambiance of this Nordic country exudes the Viking culture.

During the pre-covid, before traveling to a country/place of interest, I would do some research to get a better perspective; may it be to understand its cultural background or get a better outlook on the country. Herein, here are some important things to take note if you're planning to travel to Denmark once international travel regains its momentum, based on my homework.

1. Language

The language spoken by the native is called Danish. But fret not; the locals, as commonly refer to as the Danes, speaks English just fine. They may however have that tinge of an accent but if one visits the country for long enough, they adapt just fine.

2. Currency

The national currency for Denmark is the Danish Krone. Despite being part of the European Union, the Danes have not adopted the euro as their form of currency. Of course, credit cards are also widely accepted in Denmark so do not worry. Visa is the more popular option compared to Mastercard. Just remember to alert your bank in advance when you're travelling.

3. Safety

According to my research, I found that Denmark is ranked one of the safest countries in the world. Denmark has extremely high levels of social trust. People trust each other and trust institutions like the government, the monarchy, the hospitals, and the police. People are assumed to be honest unless proven otherwise.

4. Timeliness

Punctuality is one of the pertinent features in Denmark. Everything works like clockwork, from transportation to meetings, restaurant reservations and meet up with friends. It is best to check on the bus or train schedules before your estimated time of travel and arrived with time to spare. Let's set aside our usual Malaysian concept of timing when in Denmark and be on time.

5. Food

Typically, in Denmark, breakfast is served from 6am till10.30am, lunch between 11am-1pm and dinner from 5-8pm. Unlike in Malaysia where food was known to be available 24 hours pre-covid, it is best to plan your meals earlier to avoid disappointment as their restaurants/eateries close fairly early. However, one may be able to find varieties in the city center especially so during weekends.

6. Transportation

Relying on public transportation in Denmark as one mode of transport will put in good hands. They are reliable and have timely precision. Another popular mode of travel is cycling. The clean air and picturesque scenery leaves one feeling calm and content with life.

7. Public Behavior & Culture

Just like in any country, there are bound to be rules and common practices that everyone abide by. In Denmark, if someone is not following the norm, be sure to know there will be someone speaking up and letting you know the right way it’s done. It is advisable to speak in a respectable and moderate tone rather than draw attention to oneself.

8. Tipping

Tipping in Denmark is not expected unlike in the United States of America. It is required to add the service charges into the bill be it for restaurant, hotels, etc. However, if you would like to tip anyway, it is not frowned upon.

These are just a few tips and facts which I would like to share. I believe by visiting the country, everyone gains different sets of experiences and memories. Sedunia Travel has some nifty exciting packages that will give you a whirlwind tour of beautiful Denmark. Check out their website at to find out more about the destination and latest promotions!

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