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8 staggering Insta-worthy spots in Australia

written by Ilona Chin, Photo credited to Tourism Australia

From a surreal pink lake, unique wildlife, scenic coastal towns to extraordinary shots of the continent’s most intriguing landscapes, these stunning pictures of Australia have taken the world by storm on social media platforms. Here we present 8 picturesque spots in the land Down Under that are killing it on Instagram. Read on & get inspired!

1. Hutt Lagoon - Western Australia

The Hutt Lagoon lake delights your eye with its pink colour and is located in Port Gregory, on the coast south of Kalbarri. The inland lake is a natural phenomenon, due to its massive content of algae which turns the water a vibrant candy-pink and stands in striking contrast to the azure Indian ocean on the west.  3D2N Perth - Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake

2. Bridestowe Lavender Estate - Tasmania

Tasmania is home to endless stunning backdrops making it a favourite place for photo fanatics. Stroll around the sea of lavender at the Bridestowe Lavender estate for some picture-perfect shots. Social media platforms are flooded with beautiful images of lavender farms along the east coast of Tasmania during summer from December to February. 5D4N Tassie’s East Coast Highlights

3. The Pinnacles Desert - Western Australia

The Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia’s Nambung National Park is a unique landscape made out of towering ancient limestone formations rising from yellow sand dunes. Under moonlight and starlight, it feels like you’re in a mysterious world! 5D4N Iconic Perth

4. d’Arenberg Cube, McLaren Vale - South Australia

Discover the beautiful McLaren Vale with its stunning natural backdrop and world-class vineyards. The d'Arenberg Cube is a five-storey building, its architecture inspired by the iconic ‘Rubik’s Cube’, rising above the picturesque d'Arenberg vineyard in the McLaren Vale Wine Region. The imposing building is part-museum and part-restaurant which offers food, wine and art experiences. 5D4N Adelaide d’Arenberg Cube Tour

5. Gold Coast Hinterland - Queensland

Photo credit to Kannapoonan on 

Indulge yourself in some forest therapy when hiking through the rainforest in Springbrook National Park, where you will encounter a variety of wildlife and numerous waterfalls. Regarded as the jewel in the Gold Coast hinterland crown, a heavenly cave in the park’s Natural Bridge is home to magical Glow Worms. 5D4N Gold Coast Glow Worm Night Experience

6. Philip Island - Victoria

For a great personal interaction with adorable penguins, set out on a trip to Phillip Island. Situated south of Melbourne, Phillip Island is one of the only few places where you can see fairy penguins, short-tailed shearwaters and Pacific Gulls. At Phillip Island Nature Park, you will have the opportunity to see the penguins come onshore every evening as they make their way home to their burrows. 5D4N Melbourne Philip island & Great Ocean Road private

7. The Grand Pacific Drive - New South Wales

There’s no better way to enjoy the dramatic landscape and coastline of New South Wales than going on the Grand Pacific Drive. This scenic coastal drive starts from the south of Sydney and leads you to stunning beaches and coastal towns along the way. Stop by for photo-ops in scenic pitstops like the Sea Cliff Bridge, Stanwell Tops and Bald Hill Lookout. 6D5N Sydney Discovery

8. Uluru - Northern Territory

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is one of the most incredible landmarks in Australia. A huge chunk of red sandstone located down towards the southwest corner of the Northern Territory in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Capture the awe-inspiring Field of Lights after dusk, enjoy stargazing under the starry night and chase the beautiful sunrise. 5D4N Uluru Ayers Rock & Field of Light

Australia truly is an amazing country worth visiting, for more information or book your Australian tours here. Discover and visit these 8 awe-inspiring places today, grab your camera and get your Instagram ready for awesome shots.

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