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Art for All: Joining the Artistic Tribe with FCC Angkor by Avani

If a traveller were to Google ‘Tribe Cambodia’, they would find Tribe Urban Art Gallery under ‘coffee shop’ category, and rightly so. Yet many visitors who drop by for a cup of freshly brewed espresso stay for Tribe’s impressive collection of contemporary art by established and emerging Khmer artists.

Located around the corner from FCC Angkor by Avani, Tribe is on a mission to educate as well as providing a platform for Khmer artists to share their stories with the world. Set in the heart of Kandal Village, the gallery has also been collaborating with global artists such as Pure Evil, Carne Griffiths and Irish street artist Fin DAC – brought over by British art dealers Nat Di Maggio and the late Terry McIlkenny to produce Cambodian-inspired work.

One of the most inspiring Cambodian artists represented by Tribe is Kak Sok Phirom. The eldest of 11 siblings, Phirom was born in a refugee camp and worked as a tour guide before finding his true calling. Today he is an established photographer who also runs immersive photography tours and takes time to further explore his passion for both photography and his beloved country by going ‘walkabout’. Phirom’s ability to connect with his surroundings and the people he encounters shines through in his work. A highly successful artist, Phirom was invited to exhibit 15 pieces at 2019 Phnom Penh Photography festival.

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