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Austria in My Heart

Contributed by Justin Francis

Covid -19 has kept me behind doors for weeks but it has not deterred my heart from roaming through the countries of my dream. One of the country that I wish to visit once this is all over is Austria. After being cooped up within these four walls during this Movement Control Order, my heart desires to be one with the nature. To feel the morning breeze and sun shining on my face. As I close my eyes, I imagine strolling by the captivating Austrian lake where swans danced to the tune of a love song while the light of a house by the mountain flickers.

The best time to visit Austria would be in October where I will be able to witness the magnificent beauty of the country as the weather is perfect for an outdoor stroll and activities.

Vienna, the capital of Austria, alone is a great excuse why one would want to visit Austria. Surrounded by spellbinding nature and historical building, as you take a walk in the city, you will hear music coming to live to treasure the memories of great composers such as Mozart and Strauss II. Perhaps, you may even hear this song “the hills are alive with the sound of music la la la la”. The most famed movie sound of music was filmed at Salzburg, Austria where fans would flock Salzburg to feel the presence of the legendary Von Trapp family.

Austria is the birthplace of renowned people such as Adolf Hitler, Mozart and the father of psychology, Sigmund Freud. Walking down the historical lane will definitely give us the chill. Austria houses Admont Abbey, the largest monastic library in the world. The formation of the library in the movie Beauty and the Beast was said to be inspired by this breathtaking library. As the oldest remaining monastery in Styria, the Benedictine monastery captivated the world with its beautiful architecture.

To make my trip a memorable one, I believe Sedunia Travel will be able to arrange independent tours to Austria where I can do it at my own pace with hassle free. I can also opt out to do the Cosmos and Globus coach tours where there will be an expert tour director and guide throughout your journey.

Check out Sedunia Travel for packages to Austria and get in touch for more information.

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