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Discover Russia: Let’s get packing!

As the world reaches the epitome of the new normal, we learn to adapt although it does seem an unachievable feat when rules and guidelines were put in place. The new normal should not stop one's passion i.e. travels, seeing the world and experiencing new adventures; be it learning about new cultures, experiencing local gastronomic cuisine or through the lens of a local community. These experiences are a life time lesson that enables one to become ‘open minded’ while pursuing this life journey.

With the changing landscape of the travel industry, we at Sedunia Travel are evolving our business around the travel trend, now more than ever. Our aim is to bring travellers to the classic yet never out of style Russia; one of the world’s largest country with its beautiful landscape and historical architectural buildings and museums.

Sedunia Travel’s 8D7N Splendor of Russia tour package provides hassle-free travel and allows you to visit its top two iconic cities; Moscow and St. Petersburg. You are guaranteed to be awe-inspired when you see original architectures like the Kazan Cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress, the Winter Palace and the Palace Square to name a few.

This package also includes a relaxing cruise by the Neva River and it is an art enthusiast’s paradise; where you will see paintings by Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael of the Renaissance times.

Experience Russia’s fastest transportation, the Sapsan train; named after the world’s fastest flying animal, the peregrine falcon. The train transports you from St. Petersburg to Moscow in approximately 4 hours with several train schedules running on a daily.

A visit to Russia would not be completed without taking a picture of the four most iconic sites in Moscow; the Kremlin, the Red Square (which houses the remarkably colored St. Basil’s Cathedral – which is made up of nine chapels), the extensive GUM superstore and the Russian State Historical Museum. Stroll through Arbat street, one of the oldest original streets in the Russian capital and embrace the lively local atmosphere.

These are just some of the highlights which encapsulate Russia as a country. There is more than meets the eye and you will have to take our word for it and get to planning on your next winter travel!

The Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation is constantly in the know and follows the latest travel advisory from the World Health Organization. During the tours, it is recommended to use a mask, put on gloves, and maintain social distancing. These steps are recommended and adhered by the hotels, transport line as well as places of interest. Temperature checks are done at the entrance of buildings and increases of disinfection in common areas are done on a daily. However, these rules and guidelines are ever-changing based on the situation at hand, therefore, Sedunia Travel always takes proactive steps in order to keep travellers safe and at the same time, feel at ease while traveling.

There is no matter time than now to book your travel plans to Russia! Enjoy 30% off from the normal price or upgrade to superior room from standard room for the Winter tour package. Travel period is valid from September 2020 till February 2021. Book by 31/07/2020, terms and conditions apply.

Check out the full itinerary of the 8D7N Splendor of Russia package on Sedunia Travel’s website for more information on this package or call us at 03-2142-0222 and ask one of our well-versed travel agents for the best recommendation for your travel type.

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