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Find Your Travel Style with G Adventures

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Many of us are aware of the way we travel to a country and the end goal. To Maldives for a relaxing getaway from the hectic work life, United Kingdom to see the famous Big Ben, Paris for a little romance and picnic by the Eiffel Tower and of course Switzerland for the chocolates and snow-capped Alps. However, are you someone who has thought of changing the way you travel…going off the beaten path to blend in with the culture of a destination and learn the way of life from the locals? If the answer is yes, then meet G Adventures!

G Adventures is a community tourism company aiming to impart tourist a unique way of travel with a mission of contributing back to the local communities. Established since 1990, one can say they are the pioneers in the community tourism with over 31 years of experience. G Adventures not only organize tours that create a ripple effect on the local community but also educates travelers on the destinations they visit; leaving with a newfound perspective on the way one leads life moving forward. If this is the way of travel you have been craving for, stick around for more updates because “our world deserves more you”.

What is YOUR Travel Style?

· Classic

The quintessential G Adventures experience; Classic tours deliver the perfect balance of must-see highlights, cultural exchange, insider access, unbeatable value, and the kind of spontaneous, you-really-had-to-be-there moments that make your trip memorable.

· Wellness

On every Wellness tour, your journey starts with an intention setting ceremony upon your arrival. As you enjoy a slower paced itinerary, re-center yourself with yoga practices and optional meditation sessions led by expert instructors ready to teach all levels of abilities.

· Active

Active adventures gets you closer to the destination by letting you hike, bike, and multisport your way through it. G Adventures provide the equipment, the experts, and the opportunity while you provide the energy. On your mark, get set, go active!

· Rail

One of train travel’s greatest advantages is that it affords you the chance to really see the country you’re travelling through. G Adventures rail tours follow some of the most iconic and scenic rail routes in the world, providing you with a genuine connection for eye-popping landscapes like the Alps, the Himalayas, and Siberia that you just won’t get from flying over them.

· Marine

G Adventures Marine tours connect travelers to the world's greatest aquatic destinations abroad small, intimate ships and yachts. Each tour has been carefully designed to deliver unparalleled access to out-of-the-way ports and islands, and to foster meaningful connections with local people and cultures in a way you simply won't get from a large cruise line.

· Local Living

Your life does not depend on an itinerary set by someone else, and neither does a Local Living trip. G Adventures provide some structure and scheduled activities, but you decide which ones you want to include. Need some fresh air? Hike through the hills. Stayed up too late the night before? Hang around and take it easy. Stumped for ideas? Your CEO always has more at the ready to keep you as occupied as you want to be.

· 18-to-Thirtysomethings

Seeing the world shouldn’t require spending all your savings. With G Adventures, you’ll get the travel experience of a lifetime, plus good bang for your buck. G Adventures built their tour itineraries to feature a lot of free time, giving you the freedom to explore on your own, with your new crew, or whatever way suits your style.

· National Geographic Journeys

National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures is a collection of unique tours designed to take you deeper into the cultures and habitats of the places we explore. They offer more inclusions compared to other G Adventures Travel Styles, greater hands-on exploration, interactions with local experts, and the freedom to roam, all within the structure and security of travelling in a small group.

· National Geographic Family Journeys

National Geographic Family Journeys with G Adventures is a new line of trips for adventure-loving families in search of a meaningful way to discover the world together. These itineraries are specially designed so travelers ages seven and up can explore a destination’s rich and diverse characteristics. Each itinerary features unique, interactive activities inspired by National Geographic's expertise in photography and storytelling, wildlife, culture, history, and geography to encourage kids and adults alike to connect with the world around them. Families will enjoy enlightening experiences, the freedom to explore, quality time together and they’ll return home with a renewed sense of wonder.

The above is just a sneak peak to the travel styles G Adventure offer, do await the packages drawn out with these themes before you make your decision. Launching this 10th Nov 2021, G Adventures is teaming up with Sedunia Travel for their Cyber Sales campaign.

To learn more about the offer, be sure to follow all Sedunia Travel’s social media accounts; Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and website at for the latest updates once the best deal in town goes live! Or give them a call at 03-21420222 to speak to someone about your travel plans.

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