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Indulge in A Kambly Biscuits Treat

Written by Ilona Chin

Switzerland has always been known for its alpine mountains, quality cheeses and divine chocolates. One thing that is often overlooked is the biscuit scene, namely the Kambly biscuit. Scroll down for insights on how the biscuit is made and the intriguing history behind this humble treat.

If you love eating biscuits, you’re going to love the Kambly factory in Trubschachen. Nestled in the centre of the idyllic Emmental Valley, Kambly is a must-visit place for a hearty biscuit experience. A trip to the Kambly visitor centre is a happy day out for the whole family, taste your pick of over 100 varieties of biscuits to your heart content. Discover the secrets of the art of fine biscuit making, explore the world of Kambly and its origins. A Swiss family-owned Biscuits empire was spanning three generations and continued to bake more types of biscuits in Trubschachen.

 The History of Kambly

The Kambly is all began with a sweet love story dates back to 1906 when young Oscar R. Kambly fell in love with a girl from Trubschachen. After graduating, this young man packed his bag and followed his heart to settle as a baker in Trubschachen, Emmental.

Oscar Kambly learned how to be a baker and a pastry chef, and he laid the cornerstone for the Kambly empire in 1910 with his grandmother’s recipe for Bretzeli. It is a thin crêpe-type biscuit, which was his first and most iconic product in the market. 

Kambly ~ A Swiss Biscuits Heaven

Biscuit lovers will go wild in Kambly factory stuffed with around 100 different types of Kambly biscuits. Crunchy, soft, chocolate, nutty, caramelised, original, orange and coconut flavoured. But, there is nothing better than tasting an oven-fresh Bretzeli!

Make your own Bretzeli workshop is held at the Kambly visitor centre in Trubschachen. The Kambly Maître Confiseur assists the group in baking the Bretzeli. This workshop includes a tasting of oven-fresh Bretzeli and handmade Swiss chocolate, crafted by the Kambly Maîtres Confiseurs. By prior appointment, you can book a baking workshop and bake your Kambly biscuits. 

Besides the Bretzeli baking workshop, the Kambly visitor centre features a Café; a multimedia show where visitors discover the enchanting history of Kambly, Unwind in the Kambly Café and enjoy a cup of your favourite coffee or tea, accompanied by a small treat from the Kambly bakery.

How to get to the Kambly?

If you are taking public transportation to the Kambly Experience, consider the RegioExpress Kambly train, which runs twice a day between Lucerne and Bern from Tuesday to Sunday. The specially designed BLS Kambly train is taking you to the Kambly factory in the village of Trubschachen from Berne in 35 minutes and from Lucerne in 47 minutes. 

The Kambly train features a unique Kambly design inside and out, a “family zone” with children’s activities and vending machines with hot beverages and Kambly biscuits. Stroll around the picturesque village of Trubschachen to see Swiss classic timber houses and pristine nature of the Land of Milk. 

The Kambly Scenic Roundtrip Ticket

The “Kambly Roundtrip” is a unique day-trip by train and boat that links the world-famous Swiss iconic locations Lucerne, Interlaken and Berne. Guests will experience the most beautiful sides of central Switzerland, admire the dramatic views of snow-capped peaks, crystal clear lakes, lush green meadows and tidy farms. Tickets for the “Kambly Roundtrip” are available at all rail counters in Switzerland. The entire route is within the validity region of the Swiss Travel Pass, Bernese Oberland regional pass Eurail and the GA travelcard.

The Magical Moments of Christmas in Kambly

The Kambly Christmas Market is a real insiders’ tip. Kambly hosts a special Christmas Market from November to December in the vicinity of Trubschachen together with The Kambly Experience. 

Regional exhibitors present handmade crafts or culinary specialities in 26 festively adorned Emmental wooden chalets. Binge on some of the best food the Christmas season has to offer and experience the magical Kambly Christmas Market. 

The Kambly Lantern Trail invites visitors to take a festive, peaceful stroll through the winter wonderlands and enjoy a cup of tea by the open fire at the river and capture the winter landscape in serenity. 

The warm catering tent serves delightful Emmental specialities, while the Kambly Experience lures visitors in with the aroma of fresh-baked cookies and enticing them to discover Kambly’s origins. The Kambly Christmas Market will take place around Trubschachen from 29 November to 1 December and from 6 to 8 December 2019. 

Kambly invites you to celebrate this classic biscuit and experience the many different facets of Kambly Bretzeli. Explore the natural beauty of Emmental, a wide range of excursions awaits your discovery. Talk to our Swiss Expert and book your Swiss holiday with Sedunia Travel.

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