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International Women's Day 2020: 4 Tips from 5 Malaysian Women on Solo Travelling

In conjunction with International’s Women’ Day, five women are expressing their strength, determination and keen sense of adventure through solo travel.

Malaysia has indeed been recently deemed a destination of choice for women as we're the world's most welcoming country for solo female Muslim travellers [1] . According to Tan Ming Luk, Country Head, OYO Hotels Malaysia shared, “In 2020, solo travel among women is expected to see further growth, with 80% of women travellers choosing to travel solo[2]. We are always delighted to hear positive findings about Malaysia as a destination of choice for women. As a company that’s committed to making travel safe, affordable and accessible to everyone, we celebrate and support every woman who feels empowered to embrace solo travel."

Let’s hear from five adventurous women who have embraced solo travel, and learn tips they have developed from their travel experiences.

1. Enhancing your skills

Solo travel will bring out the independent woman in you and your problem-solving skills will be enhanced throughout the journey. Overcoming barriers and solving problems on your own during your journey, such as communication barriers with the locals and getting lost when you are exploring new cities, helps you realign and refocus your mindspace. You’ll be ready to thrive and push past uncertainties and insecurities, not just when travelling but also in daily life.

Favourite place to visit: Bali, Indonesia

Laynisha Vijayraj, 23, Social Media Executive

“Most of the time, things won’t go as planned, so have an open mind and experience everything wholeheartedly,” said Laynisha Vijayraj.

2. Embracing the world with confidence

Women should encourage one another to explore the world with an open mind. When facing difficult situations, we must conquer our fears and progressively build assuredness and confidence in ourselves. This will allow us to understand our strengths and weaknesses, leading to personal growth. By honing our self confidence, we will truly accept and love ourselves.

Favourite place to visit: Kyoto, Japan

Alvynna Joanna, 25, Wellness Coach

“When you opt for solo travel, do not overthink the situation - just go for it. Also remember to trust your instincts and assess the situation you are in. Breaking out of your comfort zone and creating new memories is important, but your safety should always be your utmost priority,” said Alvynna Joanna.

3. Developing new ways to connect with people in your surroundings

When you travel solo, you meet individuals from all walks of life and you have ample opportunity to experience new cultures, cuisines and communities. This journey will elevate your communication skills and further develop your empathy towards people coming from different backgrounds.

Favourite place to visit: Bangkok, Thailand

Leena Al-Zawawi, 30, Tour Guide

“I mainly do a lot of online research - reading articles and watching videos by locals about the destination. This is how I prepare myself to communicate with people in the places that I plan to visit,” said Leena Al-Zawawi.

Favourite place to visit: Glasgow, Scotland

Susy Narayanan, 50, Homemaker

“People should visit places not commonly visited by tourists. This is where you'll be able to mingle with the locals and hear first-hand experiences and stories, instead of a tourist guide reading out a script to you,” said Susy Narayanan.

4. Rejuvenating your mind, body and soul

Solo travel can also be a spiritual experience as it allows you to experience solitude from the world. It is important to take time off for yourself and reevaluate your plans for the future to meet personal goals in life.

Favourite place to visit: Cebu, Philippines

Natalie Vusak, 25, Product Engineer

“Solo travel makes me feel like I have complete control of my life and the feeling is satisfying. Travelling alone allows me to collect myself and realign my positive thoughts in life,” said Natalie Vusak.

Article contributed by OYO Hotels Malaysia


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