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Jom Ber-Bazar Selera at Quan's Kitchen, Four Points by Sheraton KL Chinatown, starting 13 April 2021

As the sun sets, the evening echoing with the call of prayer and your stomach grumbling with hunger, do check out Bazar Selera, a culinary marketplace with a spread hailing back to the ancient Silk Road and nostalgic Malay flavors. Presenting a medley of Central Asian specialties with local bazaar and kampung favorites, Quan’s Kitchen at the Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown presents a lavish buffet spread of delectable traditional and international delights, evoking a sense of familiarity from the Ramadhan bazaars in the country that are often popular during this season.

Having enjoyed a scrumptious Christmas spread last year, I had nothing but high expectations of Quan's Kitchen's Ramadhan buffet offerings. Despite this being their first foray into the Ramadhan dinner offering, safe to say that I enjoyed their limited but adventurous quantity and quality of food.

One highlight was their Cumin Slow-Roasted Whole Lamb, an iconic dish from Xinjiang, best paired with fluffy Uzbek Plov, a savory pilaf made with rice, carrots, meat and a multiplicity of spices. Together with a side of papadum, these were perfect with the soft meat of the lamb going so deliciously with flavourful rice. There was no hint of gaminess to the lamb so those with a sensitive tastebud can enjoy it as well.

Of course, what is a Ramadhan buka puasa without a plethora of traditional Malaysian and local fare, with appetizing selection of starters from Kerabu and Ulam to a nourishing Sup Berempah Tulang Rawan. Mouthwatering mains include timeless dishes such as Ikan Patin Tempoyak, Sambal Udang Petai, Ayam Percik, Kari Kambing, Sup Tulang Rawan, Sayur Lodeh, Satay and many more. I was pleasantly surprised to find lemak telur itik and paru goreng amongst some of the dishes offered.

Quan's Kitchen also offers the ever popular Seafood on Ice counter, piled high with fresh prawns, scallops, mussels and crabs. But for the sake of a true seasonal experience, I would advice giving this a miss just this once and indulging in their Malay cuisine instead.

This year’s highlights include the not-to-be missed live Lan Zhou La Mien station featuring fresh hand-pulled noodles served in a piping hot bowl of bone broth and thin slices of beef. Ready your cameras to capture the skilled noodle master at work as he twirls, stretches and manipulates ribbons of noodles through his fingers before sending them flying into a boiling vat of water.

Wrap up the iftar on a sweet note with a repertoire of dessert options – from French pâtisserie to local delicacies such as traditional Ice Kacang, irresistibly crunchy and creamy Ais Kream Goreng and more. Look out for the Persian Saffron Brittle, Soham e Qom from Iran. Its buttery and crunchy, texture is loaded with pistachio and almond bits combined with the scents of saffron and rose water. Be prepared to have some stuck in between your teeth though.

I would also recommend popping by the ice-cream station to try their local flavours of ice cream: Teh Tarik, Cendol, Coconut and Jackfruit or go with classic Vanilla and Chocolate. For a lighter and nostalgic dessert that will hit the spot, nibble on traditional Malay kuih paired with Teh Tarik. Ask nicely and the waiter will even put on a tarik demonstation for you.

Crafted by Executive Chef Gerald Chong who was inspired by the country’s melting pot of culture, Bazar Selera will take you on an epicurean journey back to the ancient trade route, which was once a major stopping point and important centre where intellectuals from all across the world gather to share ideas and exchange goods. The cross-cultural interactions and civilizations introduced a unique and complex fare using trade ingredients and cooking methods influenced by traders and conquerors in the early years. Something that we easily see in our daily meals and perfectly emulated at Quan's Kitchen through their dishes.

Priced at RM158nett, Bazar Selera is available for dine-in at Quan’s Kitchen, Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown from 13 April to 12 May 2021, daily between 6.30pm - 10.30pm. In line with SOP, the restaurant is operating at 50% its usual seating capacity with tables spaced evenly apart for social distancing. Waiters and staff are equipped with face masks and gloves whether it was to serve us with food and drinks or to clear the tables.

Save more when purchase early bird vouchers at a special price of RM118nett, till 2 April 2021.

Berbuka puasa at home with Bazar Selera To Go

For those looking to celebrate the spirit of the festive month in the comfort of your own home, you have the option of getting the Bazar Selera To Go Set for 2 at RM158nett, available for takeaway and delivery.

Gifts for All

For the perfect gift for the elderly, friends, relatives and corporate colleagues, order their Raya Delights Hamper of Iftar nibbles and festive and enjoy free delivery within a 10km radius from the hotel.

For enquiries or reservations, WhatsApp 012-507-3327 or email

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