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Nutella Hotel is opening in California in 2020

Fans of Nutella, rejoice! 

The stuff of dreams has just been announced and that is the existence of a Nutella-themed hotel, coming soon in 2020 in California. Mind you, it is just a pop-up hotel but who knows, if the fans are supportive of this, Nutella might officially start their own hotel line (coughinAsiacough)

Hotella Nutella will open its doors in Napa Valley, California (lucky people) from 10 - 12 Jan 2020. Dubbed as the ultimate breakfast destination, this hotel stay will be an exclusive experience for three lucky Nutella superfans and their plus ones. For a chance to stay at this pop-up hotel, fans must first submit a video showing why Nutella makes your morning ‘oh-so-special’ to show why you deserve the trip in Napa Valley. 

To get a chance to stay at this once-in-a-lifetime hotel you must submit a video showing exactly why Nutella makes your morning oh so special as proof that you deserve to make the trip to Napa Valley. The entries will be judged on their “creativity, passion for Nutella and connection to breakfast.“

A Nutella breakfast dinner, a soul food brunch and pancake art are on the agenda, and the pop-up experience will feature "larger-than-life” jars of Nutella, breakfast decor and Nutella-inspired hotel items. 

Unfortunately, the contest, which runs from 13 Nov to 8 Dec, 2019 is only opened to US citizens but if more Malaysians were to put their keyboard warrior skills to use, we’re sure Nutella would consider bringing Hotella Nutella into Asia. This is the perfect opportunity for people truly obsessed with the chocolate-hazelnut spread to show some Nutella love — even if you can’t legally name your baby after it

Fans can learn more about the contest by visiting the Hotella Nutella website or by following #HotellaNutella on Nutella’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.

source: Travel and Leisure, PR Newswire 

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