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Planning a Trip Abroad without needing to Quarantine? Here ya go: 5 Countries to start with!

It has been almost 2 years since avid travelers has been homebound. So when new of the travel ban being lifted was announced, it was music to the ears of many. At this point, there are over 40 countries that have opened their borders to fully vaccinated Malaysian travelers without the need for quarantine upon arrival.

Here are our top 5 destinations:-

United Kingdom

Travelers looking to visit the United Kingdom can now do so. As long as your country is not listed in the red zone and you can produce a negative RT-PCR upon arrival, one may enter the United Kingdom without the need for quarantine. Although entry to the United Kingdom is allowed, thus far the European Union does not recognize all vaccines such as Sinovac but this ruling is currently under review.


Those who are looking to catch the Aurora Borealis in Iceland, now is your chance! Before making a booking however, one will need to obtain a visa to enter the country. On the bright side, the country does not require a quarantine period.


Do you hear that!?? It’s the Swiss Alps & chocolate calling out to you! The Swiss travel restriction also does not require one to quarantine upon arrival. Nonetheless, a PCR Swab Test is required every 48 hours.


The natural waters of Maldives that make a relaxing holiday be it with the family, romantic getaway or just to get some time away from the mundane schedule. No quarantine is required either nevertheless; one is to take a PCR Swab Test on the 5-7 day upon arrival in Maldives.

Maldives is also on our list of top 5 Honeymoon destinations for Malaysians!

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates is in fact open to fully vaccinated travelers. No quarantine is required for vaccinated tourist but if arriving from Green List Countries, a PCR test is required on day 6 from arrival date. If however one is arriving from a non-Green List Country, a PCR test is required on day 4 and 8 from arrival date.

We are just itching to travel but there can be so many different SOPs to check for each countries. So why not let the pros handle it?

With over 45 years of experience, let Sedunia Travel make your travelling plan a breeze! Visit their website at or call them at 03-2142022 and ask to speak with one of their well-versed travel consultants on a guided or private tour to suit your travel needs; if you can think it, they can do it!

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