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Practical Travel Gift Ideas for Every Budget (RM100 - RM1K)

Christmas is in the air and it’s time for presents, holidays and travels! But wait! What does one get for someone who is constantly on the go? Travelers and globe-trotters are perhaps some of the hardest people to buy presents for. Against their “otherworldly” experiences in a foreign country, something they always seem to describe as “priceless”, a material gift often pales in comparison. 


Often but not always. Because the trick is to buy them something useful and essential to their travels. In most cases, we find that the best travel gifts are:

  • Small

  • Durable

  • Lightweight

  • Multifunctional

  • Worthy of valuable “luggage real estate”

A gift that can fit in seamlessly into their travelling is one your travel-addict friend will always bring around with them. It doesn’t need to be expensive, just well thought out to show that you support their travelling passion and is not at all jealous. Here’s our list of the latest travel gift ideas (for every budget) to help you get started with your Christmas shopping.  

Below RM100 Skincare Products

Wait, come back. Hear me out. This is still a travel gift list and whoever said you don’t need beauty products while travelling? Quite on the contrary in fact. There is no better time to really step up the skincare game than abroad. The change in weather, food and even bathroom water can affect the complexion leading to pimple breakout and cracked lips. Hence the need to be equipped with certain beauty products when travelling. This applies to men and women travellers alike.

Just in time for festivities, the Body Shop has released a series of skin and body care gift packs and bags. One such a bag is this adorable reusable travel size pouch that can store all the travel body care necessities, erasing the need rummage through their bag for their toiletries. Perfect for that neat traveller, it’s priced at RM68. 

Below RM200 Trusty Travel Planner

Photo by Sugoi Days 

In the era of digital technology, there is a certain charm about the good old fashion travel planner. Not only is it not wifi-dependent but it also can’t run out of juice or be hacked. A travel planner adds a personal feel to the adventure to jolt down notes, draw pictures or simply to just keep track of their itinerary or budget. The latest 2020 Starbucks Planner in particular, caught our attention as it’s lightweight, simplistic and comes with a leather clutch pouch with multiple pockets and secure clasps. Priced at RM188 for the blue and brown ones.  

Below RM300 Colourful Travel Bags

The most obvious gift to get a jetsetter is definitely a bag but must it be one of those dull standard coloured ones? Instead get them a bag that really pops. Not only is it eye-catching, its vibrancy will deter anyone from mistaking it as theirs. The Guardian Malaysia in partnership with international brand TokiDoki recently just launched their line of limited edition travel bag series. While a bit on the playful side, fans of Tokidoki and young travellers would love parading this set down a plane aisle. The RRP prices of the tote bag, backpack and luggage is RM280, RM440 and RM600 respectively but you can get them at discounted prices* at Guardian outlets at only RM80, RM100 and RM170 respectively. *terms and conditions apply

Below RM500  A Seaside Holiday

Photo by stephmylifetravel 

Believe it or not, for less than RM500, you can buy your traveller friend a seaside getaway trip somewhere around Malaysia. Sometimes the most undiscovered gems are those at home so remind them that they need not venture far for beautiful scenes, good food and even better company. Take Pulau Lang Tengah for example – a small hidden island between touristy Perhentian Island and Redang Island. The island is so small that it only takes 10 minutes for a round island trip by speed boat. However due to its small side, there are only four resort operators, and this ensures a peaceful visit. And best of all, it has some of the best snorkelling and scuba diving waters in Malaysia. A 3D2N weekend trip to Pulau Lang Tengah cost only RM460 if booked with Sedunia Travel and covers accommodation, meals and return boat transfer.

Below RM800 Camera Phones 

Photo from GSMarena

One important thing for a traveller is of course a reliable camera to help them capture their adventures. Nowadays camera phones are so high quality that it’s even possible to produce bill-board quality size photos. RealMe has just recently introduced the Realme 5 Pro into the local market. The phone offers not one, not two, not even three but four different lenses to suit every travel need.  These lenses include a wide-angle, portrait, selfie and macro lens, all packaged in one neat, sleek and surprisingly affordable device. The phone is water resistant, so any unexpected spills is not issue. The Realme 5 Pro prices start from RM759 depending on distributor.

More than RM1,000  An Adventure Somewhere in the world

Your friend is lucky to have you as a friend if you’re entering this price range for a present (can I be your friend too?) The sky’s the limit with a budget like this. So why not opt for a customisable tour with Sedunia Travel as a gift? With more travellers preferring the free and easy route rather than the usual tour groups, a customisable travel package is the way to go for a seasoned traveller. Based on their interest, experience and wants, you can pick and choose the type of accommodation, mode of transport and activities to do. Either pick a day tour or just hit the theme parks at your own pace – all of this is possible with a travel agency that specialises in customisable travel packages.  A fuss free holiday to a dream destination is really all that travel junkie could ever ask for. 

And there you have. Our totally not biased list of gift ideas to get someone who just loves travelling. Yes, we know it can be tricky getting a gift for someone who is constantly looking for the next flight out of town but if you remember our gift rules and just refer to this list, you will be fine!

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