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Sweets Puro Time at Hello Kitty Land Tokyo!

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Updated 2.3.2020: Due to the virus outbreak, Sanrio Puroland will be closed until 15th Mar 2020. Check back here again for further updates.

In line with the spring season for Japanese strawberries Sanrio Puroland has created a “very berry sweets party”. The theme park invites guests to get a taste of special strawberry and blueberry sweets and enjoy the strawberry and blueberry inspired shows.

From 10th of January until 10th March visitors to Hello Kitty Land Tokyo, also known as Sanrio Puroland, will experience its latest seasonal event the “Puro Sweets – a very berry sweets party”. Strawberries and blueberries will be everywhere in the theme park.  So prepare yourselves!

Hello Kitty Land Tokyo visitors can choose from a variety of specifically created strawberry and blueberry desserts available at the Yakata restaurant like Hello Kitty's strawberry Baumkuchen. In addition to that, the restaurant offers on Saturdays only, a special strawberry and blueberry sweets buffet available at a supplementary charge. Puroland characters in sweets-motifed outfits will also be present to meet, greet and take photos with restaurant guests.

 Strawberries and blueberries will also dominate the stages in Puro Villageduring the daytime with performances sure to thrill children and adults alike. From 10th January until Valentine’s Day "Ichigo Ichie - MyMelody's Strawberry Illumination" will go on, followed by "SPARKLE!! - Sweet Lights" featuring Hello Kitty from 15th February until 10th March. Both performances culminate in a bright and pink illumination of Puro Village.

The main evening show, "Miracllusion★Happiness", using special illumination and projection mapping technology features Hello Kitty and DearDaniel in angel costumes.

As always, capture memorable photos at Sanrio Puroland's special photo spots in line with the seasonal event. During the “very berry character hug time" at the Puro Village Hello Kitty Land visitors can get up-close and personal with their favourite characters dressed in strawberry or blueberry-themed outfits.

On Valentine's Day, Hello Kitty or MyMelody will also go around giving out candies as part of a Special Sweets Greeting.

“We want to make the start of 2020 “sweeter” for our visitors to Hello Kitty Land Tokyo”, says Yuya Makizato of Sanrio Entertainment Co. Ltd., the Hello Kitty Land Tokyo operator. “The beginning of the year is also the season for the Japanese “spring strawberries” which are very sweet and aromatic. In addition the event embraces a new tradition, which emerged in Japan over the past few decades, to give sweets to loved ones in February and March.”

More detailed information on the schedule can be found at this link--> *Japanese only.

Here's a tip: if you are viewing the page on a desktop, you can right click on the page and select translate to English and voila! You will get a rough translate of the page and should be able to extract the relevant information from it.

Sanrio Puroland is located just an hour's train ride from Shinjuku in Tama New Town making it ideal for a day trip or overnight for those wanting to explore the area further.

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