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The Meaning Behind Each Tulip Colour

With just a single stalk, flowers often let you convey a message without having to speak a word. As it was in the Victorian times, the language of flowers can be intricate with every flower type offering different meanings. Tulips tend to be a popular choice especially in the spring for their versality and array of vibrant colours that often carry meanings of their own. Let’s break down the meaning behind each tulip colour so that you don’t end up giving the wrong tulip colour to the wrong person for the wrong occasion.

Red Tulip

The red tulip is the most romantic of all colors of tulips. Red is often the hue of choice to express that you’re deeply in love. Red often evokes passion and romance. For those celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary, the tulips are often the flowers used to celebrate over a decade of love and commitment. Red tulips are a great choice to mark this momentous milestone.

Pink Tulip

Pink is the colour of happiness, caring and good wishes. This makes pink tulips ideal presents for friends and families especially if you’re planning on congratulating a friend or family member on a new job or promotion. Make a pleasant gesture when you send this to them on their first day at work as a surprise.

White Tulip

Delicate and virginal in appearance, there is no better flower than the white tulip to have as part of your wedding day decoration. But did you know that white tulips are also the symbol for respect? They are perfect if you want to make a good impression with someone.

Purple Tulip

If you want to let her know that she’s the queen in your life, then purple tulips are perfect for getting that message across. Purple has long been the colour of royalty and is perfect as well, if you want to wish someone a new start. Hence why you sometimes find purple tulips in bridal bouquet.

Orange Tulip

A bouquet of orange tulips can mean that you feel both physically and spiritually connected to someone. The colour of orange are used to represent a mutual connection and understanding between two people, mainly couples. Sometimes fascination, energy and enthusiasm can also be communicated through orange tulips.

Yellow Tulip

Did you know that the yellow colour were once associated with jealousy and hopeless love but modern interpretations have given it a sunnier meaning? Now the yellow tulips stand for hope and cheerful happy thoughts. The yellow tulips are a perfect gift if you wish someone happiness. There are often given during the start of spring and during Easter.


With this fun and easy to remember flower colour lesson, it’s evident that different colours of tulips should be used for corresponding occasions. Can’t seem to pick a colour for an occasion? Then why not give the recipient a tulip bouquet of multiple colours as the flowers alone represents elegance and grace in the language of flowers.

Of course, the best way to experience the serene beauty of tulips is when they are blooming at their finest and in the thousands. Tulips bloom when the weather warms up and when they do, anticipate rows and rows of vibrant colours as far as the eyes can see. And this best place to seek out this spectacular view is undoubtedly in Europe, home to some particularly stunning fields that needs to be seen in person.

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