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Why Egypt Should be on Your 2020 Travel List

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

There’s just something about Egypt that brings out the explorer in all of us be it as Lara Croft or Brendan Fraser’s Rick O'Connell from the original Mummy trilogy. Egypt in all essence is a mystical old-world wonder. Mysterious. beautiful and terribly misunderstood in recent years. But of course, with highly anticipated opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) at the end of 2020, Egypt will make its comeback to the top of many travellers’ list once more.

As the largest Archaeological museum in the world, the GEM will be home to the largest collection of a single civilization’s artifacts in the world and is at the edge of the first desert plateau between the Pyramids at Giza and the city of Cairo. Over 100,000 objects including 30,000 that has never been displayed before will be put on display in the impressive 5.2 million square foot museum.

Amongst some of the most highly anticipated displays is the entire 5,000-piece funerary collection of King Tutankhamun, including his sandals, chariot, and cheetah-skin shield – the first time in history that the full collection will be on display. While no date has been set yet of its grand opening (at time of writing), insider media tours have driven the hype amongst travellers, putting Egypt back in the limelight.

But even as we wait with bated breath for the GEM’s official opening, Egypt has so much more to offer in and about its cities from its ancient pyramids to its sandy tombs, endless deserts that hide many secrets of the past, friendly locals, mouth-watering cuisine and life-giving River Nile.

Exciting Adventure of Ancient History and Culture

Enriched with a history that intrigues many scholars and archaeologists, Egypt’s capital city, Cairo is a hustle and bustle of towering buildings, renowned schools and mosques – many of which boasting some of the best architecture of medieval Islam times. At the same time, this nation has also seamlessly integrated Christianity into its culture and history with the church’s liturgical language and the traditional calendar that links back to the era of the pharaohs. Visitors and explorers will be able to see these influences in Cairo’s ancient churches and remote desert monasteries.

Sailing through the Sands of Time

Taking a step out to its oceans of sands, Egypt’s vast deserts are perpetually fascinating especially when it clashes against the coastline of the Red Sea. Night outs in the desert would often reward travellers with melting sunsets, starry nights and beautiful sunrises in the morning. Enjoy a camel ride along the mesmerising shapes of the White Desert or bask in the horizon of the comfort of the hot spring in Siwa Oasis.

Experience the River Life

And then there is the River Nile, the source of ancient life for Egyptians. As the old saying goes, Egypt is the gift of the Nile and indeed it is as today, the Nile continues to hold a significant role in the lives of the people. A cruise along the Nile will take you to the Luxor Temple and the twin temples at Kom Ombo, devoted to the crocodile god Sobek-Ra and the falcon god Horus. A visit to the Valley of Kings and the Valley of Queens will put you in the presence of the untouched tomb of King Tut, found with undisturbed riches and wealth befitting of a pharaoh. With so many iconic monuments of Egypt easily accessible by the river, it’s no wonder why a Nile cruise remains a popular way to travel for many visitors.

The Best way to see Egypt

Given its popularity amongst visitors, there are many river cruise options around and picking a suitable river cruise can perplexing for first-timers. Most Nile cruises will travel between Luxor and Aswan and make stops at key attractions along the way. For the best experience, it’s recommended to spend at least 5 days and 4 nights on the cruise for a more enriching experience that doesn’t feel rushed. For first-timers to Egypt and the Nile Cruise, we recommend engaging an all in-tour like Avalon Waterways’ The Taste of Egypt itinerary to give you the best experience of Egypt.

The Taste of Egypt with Avalon Waterways

Avalon last offered Egyptian cruises in 2016 and is back with more cohesive itineraries that caters to new and veteran travellers of mysterious Egypt. The Taste of Egypt itinerary allows you enough time in Cairo before flying over to Luxor to embark a luxury cruise along the Nile on the 120-passenger Farah. When in Cairo, you will get the chance to explore its highlights over several days before a flight to Luxor will take you onboard the MS Farah. All its 60 deluxe cabins and two Royal Suites are styled with comfort and elegance in mind with wall-sized windows to ensure you never miss a panoramic view.

A 5 Days cruise in the luxury ship will give you a relaxing yet enriching Egyptian experience as it takes you to amazing ancient sites. You will end the trip with several more days in Cairo to unwind amongst the bustling maze of bazaars in the city’s medieval alleys. Should your trip coincide with the opening of the GEM, the itinerary also includes a visit to this mega-exhibition of ancient Egypt.

If Egypt is back on your 2020 destination list, then an Egyptian Nile cruise is a must and will definitely be the highlight of your trip. Start planning with Sedunia Travel, the General Sales Agent for Avalon Waterways to find out more about the 10-Days Taste of Egypt itinerary. For more information, check out

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