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Why Experience the World with These River Cruises

Imagine this. You lay your head down to rest, close your eyes to lulls of Amsterdam’s waters rocking gently beneath you. When you wake up the next morning, your river cruise has just docked in Rotterdam where a day of windmills and tulips await you. Traveling by waterways has been a constant part of travelling ever since the beginning of time but till this day, it is definitely still one of the most exciting and magical experiences. Especially when you wake up to a view like this!


Think of these river cruises as your floating hotel of luxury, taking you places while you rest up for the next day to experience key attractions and activities, each unique to their respective river cruise.  Here are some reasons to hop on-board a river cruise next year.

Reason #1: Seasonal Cruises 

Tulip fields by redcharlie on Unsplash

There is a cruise for almost every season with a theme to suit your fancy. If it’s December, there are Christmas market river cruises available - basically a cruise that sail you into a destination with a Christmas market. For Holland, in the month of March to May, it will be the tulip-themed cruise that will carry you to Holland’s patchwork of flower fields, as vast as the eye can see. The long spring season, moist soils and cool nights makes for the perfect conditions for tulips to grow and blossom. While there are many tulip farms in the region, the most breathtaking one is Keukenhof – known also as the “Garden of Europe” for its generous 70 acres of lush parklands and lakes. It is also where you can find the world’s biggest flower garden of more than seven million tulips. Alternatively, for those wanting a more intimate experience, there is also Enkhuizen, a harbour town with a history of tulips, fields and farms. Just don’t enter the fields without permission even if it’s just for photos as they are still the farmer’s livelihood. If you have a green thumb or a photographer, then this is the cruise for you.

Reason #2: Enjoy Off-the-Beaten-Road Activities

Bicycles along the canals of Amsterdam by Jace & Afsoon on Unsplash

Gone are the days when only retirees and oldies enjoy river cruises for its slower pace, leisurely itinerary. Today, travellers of different age groups can enjoy many options of activities to suit their liking on their river cruise. Prefer exploring on foot and getting a workout in? Then why not go the extra mile (pun intended) by joining a running, cycling or canoeing tour as part your daily excursion. A guided cycling tour around Amsterdam will get your heart pumping and your knowledge flowing as you experience the city on two wheels. Nature lovers can appreciate a guided hike through the hills and forest of Hike Rheinsteig trails in Eltville, Germany as they inhale the crisp fresh air. If you’re a foodie, then join up with a cooking class right at the doorstep of your cruise. There is something for everyone and anyone. 

Reason #3: Sail along River Seine’s History & Wonders

In Europe there are several rivers with their own unique attractions and features. What better way to explore these rivers’ treasures than by a Europe River cruise. One of such a significant river is River Seine - the vein of France with its ties to artistic masters, the footsteps of heroes and the romance of La Vie En Rose. Close your eyes in Paris and wake up in Conflans to follow in the footstep of Vincent Van Gogh who famously cut off his ear. Okay, maybe let’s not follow him too closely but rather see his works come alive. A guided tour of Auvers-sur-Oise will illustrate the landscapes and village scenes captured in his famous paintings. Continue along the river to the Rouen to learn more of the martyr Saint Joan of Arc while the beaches of Normandy are worth a day’s excursion to revisit the World War ll landing site. See the banks of these legendary waterways like no other. 

Reason #4: Taste the Food and Drinks of the Region 

Rudesheim by Avalon 

Of course it goes without question that trying the local cuisine is a must when travelling.  What better way to experience this than onboard a river cruise with meals carefully crafted by the chefs? As these river cruises in Europe sail through a particular region, the cuisine served onboard often reflects the speciality of the area from the freshest produce to the complimentary wine. Even the activities are planned to feature the best of what the area has to offer.  Say you’re cruising through the magnificent Rhine Gorge. It would be waste to miss out on a wine tasting opportunity in Rudesheim am Rhein. Not only is Rudesheim a UNESCO World Heritage Site but it is also one of Germany’s most prolific and scenic wine regions with wine contest held annually in summer. A river cruise will bring you right to the heart of regional food cuisine at its best. 

Reason #5: Experience Asia’s Cultural Waterways

Halong Bay by Ammie Ngo on Unsplash

It is often the common perception that luxurious river cruises are often only found in Europe. But that isn’t true. Cruising on to the other side of the world is the Asian’s own revered bodies of water – the Ganges and Mekong Rivers. Both rivers play crucial roles in the life and heart of their respective countries as both flows through cities, borders and many attractions. The Mekong offers a blend of rich history that flows through some of the most beautiful views of Mother Nature in Asia such as Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Meanwhile the holy waters of Ganges is the world’s third largest river that crosses through India and into Bangladesh. With influences from both countries and cultures, the food cuisine along the riverbanks promises to be exotic and spicy.

As 2020 dawns with new travel resolutions, why not relax and let the river take you places? Award-winning  Avalon knows there is more than one way to explore new destinations and is offering a variety of river cruise packages - each tailored to highlight a destination in unique ways. Avalon’s “Beds with a View” cabin design has even won the Cruise Critic’s “Best Cabins” Award for its design of blending outside and in without compromising on comfort and space. In 2019, they were the winner of the Cruise Critic's for Best Shore Excursions.

Now for our money-saving tip! From now until 31 December, Avalon is offering 50% off selected Avalon river cruises 2020 across Europe, India and Vietnam. For groups looking to enjoy a Europe River cruising, the more the merrier as bookings of six cabins or more can enjoy a group rebate of RM2,400 if booked by the stipulated date as well via Sedunia Travel! So what are you waiting for?  

Visit for more information. Get touch with Sedunia Travel, the General Sales Agent for Avalon Waterways for bookings and further inquiries. 

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