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Why you should go Antarctica with Ponant and National Geographic

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Have you ever dream of immersing in the National Geographic moments as you escape to the heart of remote lands of Antarctica? From 2019, Ponant and National Geographic joined forces and combined their expertise, and bring spirited adventure travellers a unique opportunity to embarks on selections of new expedition cruises to the White Continent. Read on and get inspired.

written by Ilona Chin/photos provided by Ponant

Aboard the state-of-art ships with French flair and luxury cruising indulgence.

The world leader in Polar expedition for almost 20 years, Ponant has provided its passengers with enriching and unparalleled travel experiences aboard luxury ships around the world. The luxury cruise has an intimate ambience with only 200 passengers on board for each journey. Passengers will indulge in French flair dining and dedicate service. The modern fleet of state-of-art ships featured the first multi-sensory underwater lounge and built with leading-edge technologies to appreciate the mother nature and marine life. Choosing a Ponant Expeditions Cruise meant you are connecting to your environment in great comfort.

Embarks on the most unforgettable Sea-Crossing journey to the Drake Passage

The Ponant’s Polar Expeditions will include the thrilling adventure of crossing the Drake Passage, the Sea-Crossing between South America’s Cape Horn and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. One gets to see the first giant ice-bergs up close and breathe the first crisp air at the deck. There’s something quite exhilarating about experiencing rolling waves aboard an ice-strengthened Antarctica expedition vessel. Ponant’s cruise ships are equipped with modern satellite, newest weather monitoring technologies and stabilizers to absorb much of the swinging. 

The passage’s inherent unpredictability means that it can be spooky, at time. However, crossing the Drake is a rite of passage, regarded as one of the most remarkable and unforgettable adventures to seek connection with the seventh continent. The chances for spectacular wildlife observing along the Drake are high, with hourglass dolphins, humpback whales and migrating albatross birds making regular appearances. It is a unique wildlife encounter for every passenger onboard Antarctica cruises.

Unleash your inner explorer through National Geographic immersive expedition 

National Geographic has been arousing our inner explorer for 130 years, through its legendary ground-breaking stories telling from the brilliant scientists, adventure explorer, talented photographers and creative filmmaker. Together we offer new itineraries taking you to the world most awe-inspiring and remote destinations in a blend of luxury and immersive experiences. Inspired by Science and adventures, National Geographic motivates people with personal connections through explorations. 

What makes the cruise special is that National Geographic Expeditions will provide a range of expedition resources onboard. Leading experts and National Geographic photographers will travel onboard and engage with the passengers through presentations and informal discussions to create immersive and quality experiences. Passengers will learn about wildlife, conservation and various destinations with the team of naturalist experts in multiple fields.

Fall under the magical spell of the White Continent

An unspoilt world of icy water and unique wildlife awaits you, set off to discover the icy vastness, sourcing glacier, beach of volcanic sand. The diverse landscape of Antarctica forms a natural habitat for enchanting wildlife and abundant fauna. Enjoy the expedition in total peace of mind, take a trip in Zodiac® outings accompanied by one of our expert naturalist guides. Land on a deserted shore to get as close as possible to the incredible fauna and connect with penguins, seals and other wildlife.

No place on Earth compares to this tremendous white wilderness, immerse in the world of snow, ice, water, rock and adorable wildlife. You will fall under the magical spell of Antarctica. Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime trip with Ponant and National Geographic experts, book now at Sedunia Travel

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