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5 Spots to Experience the Soul of Seoul

If you're looking for a destination where you can fully immerse yourself in the Kpop and Kdrama culture, appreciate the beautiful coast and explore mesmerising beaches, then Seoul, the capital city of South Korea is it. Many K-drama fans who have visited the city will affirm this statement - with countless backdrops paired with romantic scenes that will leave one feeling eager to explore more.

But where does one begin? Let us give you a headstart with these hidden gems of Seoul.

Gwangjang Market

The Gwangjang Market located in the Jongno-gu district of Seoul was first established in 1905, making it one of the oldest and largest traditional markets in South Korea. Food bloggers and travel guides have written highly of this location, making this market a must for those on a gastronomic journey. Home to some 5,000 shops selling everything from clothing to a variety of foods, it is best to get here early and take half a day to thoroughly explore the plethora of items that are available.

Seochon Village

Seochon Village which directly translates to West Village is also located in the district of Jongno-gu. If you want to get a feel of the traditional Korean hanok stay, this will be the ideal place to be. Its many alleys are lined with hanoks (traditional Korea houses), taking you to ancient Seoul. Over the years, boutique shops, stunning cafes and art galleries have blended into the surroundings, making this location a great space for spend a leisurely afternoon.

Sky Bridge Tour @ Lotte World Tower

Standing at a height of 555m with 123-story, the Lotte World Tower is the tallest building in Seoul and is the fifth tallest building in the world. Thrill seekers can commence their journey by heading up to the 117th floor of the building. From here, they can climb an extra 7-story to reach the 123rd floor of the Sky Bridge Tour. Opened recently in 2017, the Sky Bridge Tour is the go-to place to get a 360-degree panoramic view of the breathtaking city of Seoul. An 11-metre bridge that connects to the identical building is not for the faint of heart but in our opinion the experience makes it all worthwhile.

Naksan Park

Open to the public 24-hours a day, Naksan Park is a great spot for visitors to get their morning exercise along the accessible exercise paths or just to observe the facet of the city transitioning from light to dark in the evenings. The ambience here will leave one feeling cool, calm and collected amidst serenity while being surrounded by Mother Nature. With numerous K-dramas previously filmed here paired with its dreamy backdrop, pose for a photo and reenact your favourite Kdrama scene.

10th Floor of the Express Bus Terminal

You must be wondering… the 10th floor of the Express Bus Terminal in Seoul? What is there to see here? Only those who frequent the area would know the secret of this place in the building. Take the elevator up to the 10th floor to find a pleasant surprise awaiting you there. Not only does this floor house two Korean barbecue restaurants and a church but also opens up to a beautiful garden that surrounds the building. Although there are not many photos of this location available to the public, this is the exact reason why it falls under the hidden gems of Seoul category.

This list merely touches the surface of the hidden gems that Seoul has awaiting for you when travel begins once more. There is so much to see, discover and explore in Seoul before expanding out to the rest of South Korea. We encourage putting at least a couple of these spots on your itinerary to Seoul.

But if your travel planning skills have rusted, you can always check with Sedunia Travel for their pre prepared travel packages to Korea, covering not just Seoul but also Jeju, Busan and more. You can also customise your travel plans or combine them. And you are still pressed for ideas as to what else Seoul has to offer, check out Korea Tourism Organisation as they have updates and travel tips to imagining your Korea holiday.

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