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6 Types of Travellers in Hong Kong - Which one are you?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Dazzling neon lights, mouthwatering food at every corner, a vibrant arts and culture and scene, luxurious shopping, serene natural wonders and an impressive skyline - Hong Kong is steeped in all of this and more. It's no wonder that this city continues to be a favourite of many Malaysian travellers be it for a quick weekend getaway or for a longer holiday escape.

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With so many things offered in this bustling city, how does one go about planning their itinerary once borders open? Well, firstly it depends on what you like, what interests you and basically, what kind of traveller you are. Let's break down the type of traveller you are together and see which part of Hong Kong appeals best to you.

1. Foodies

By default, this applies to all Malaysians due to our exposure to wonderous cuisines. Fortunately, Hong Kong offers a massive variety of culinary choices in almost every corner and street. From roadside stalls, world-class restaurants to traditional coffee shops and instagrammable cafes, Hong Kong has you covered. Even for our Muslim friends, there is no need to pack your maggi cup as there are various halal eateries that serve authentic Hong Kong food as well.

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So if you have your entire Hong Kong trip planned around hunting down the best dimsum breakfast, the yummiest Chinese cuisine or most insta-worthy cafe, we are right there with you!

See the best of Hong Kong and enjoy some time for yourself to cafe hop with this 3D or 4D Hong Kong Free and Easy option.

2 . The Photographer

Whether it's through the lenses of your phone or camera, you have an eye for capturing unique angles and moments. With its modern skyscrapers set against old compact high-rise apartments, bright neon lights illuminating the nightlife, the daily bustle of its people, nature versus urban landscape, Hong Kong is indeed a photographer's dream.

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One of the best and most popular locations for Instagram and photography is from Sky Terrace 428 at the Peak. From up here you’ll get to enjoy the best views over the city especially at sunset.

This 4D3N Hong Kong Bus Tour package will give you the best means of seeing the city through the lens thanks to the Big Bus Day Pass that comes inclusive with the package.

3 . Fun Seekers

These are the travellers who would dedicate a day or two to the finest and biggest playgrounds in Asia at Disneyland Hong Kong and Ocean Park. Their ideal itinerary is taking the weekend off to pop in over to the Happiest Place on Earth in Hong Kong. Spend the day riding the rollercoasters, meeting Mickey Mouse and filling their bellies with Disney-themed dishes - a great story for the colleagues on Monday when they ask how was your weekedn.

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Alternatively, if the weather is on the rainy side, Hong Kong is also home to the first Madame Tussauds in Asia, located at the ever popular Peak. Go crazy taking photos with over 100 lifelike wax figures of local and international icons such as Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. Either way, both spots make for great travel tales.

If this is you, then this might be the ideal travel deal for you: 4D Hong Kong + Disneyland Buy 2 Free 2. However do keep checking back here for the latest update to find out if Disneyland Hong Kong is open due to the current ongoing covid situation.

4. Outdoorsy

The ones who adore pristine lakes, gorgeous mountain ranges, majestic oceans and wander along trails, you will be in for a treat when in Hong Kong. Its urban city is remarkably close to the great outdoors, making it easily accessible for hikers and cyclists. Gaze back at the city skyline seen from the mountains; listen to waves crashing on remote beaches; visit shorelines where you can touch rocks that bear the scars of a volcanic past - Hong Kong's countryside is key to the city’s appeal.

Source: Discover Hong Kong

In fact, the Hong Kong Tourism Board has released its own hiking and cycling guide to help travellers plan for their outdoor adventures here.

5. Off the Beaten Trail Explorers

Thanks to the internet and social media, our world has only become a small and easier place to find. But that will not deter these travellers who are always ready to speak to the locals for the city's hidden gems. Fortunately they will find many small villages and town to visit on more than 260 islands.

Source: @yulokchan

Tucked away up in the New Territories, Tai Long Wan draws the most adventurous sun-seekers to its pristine shores. In the downtown part of the Hong Kong, 40% of the area is dedicated to nature reserves and country parks that best explored by bicycle. A popular route is from Tai Wai to Tai Mei Tuk, a leisurely 12-mile ride that passes temples, parks, and harbor views along the way. How's that for off the beaten path?

Get the Ngong Ping Tai O Explorer Pass for hassle free access to what is known as the "Venice of the Orient."

6. Art and culture Lovers

Those who seek the quieter, more nostalgic part of a new city can find it everywhere in Hong Kong - in the museums, galleries, streets and even in the lifestyle of the people. A mesh of Eastern and Western cultures, Hong Kong is a thriving arts and cultural hub. All year around, the city offers an exciting cultural calendar consisting of Chinese and Western orchestras, jazz ensembles, film and arts festivals, international acts and local super stars.

Source: Discover Hong Kong

The West Kowloon Cultural District, taking shape on reclaimed land overlooking Victoria Harbour, is one of the world's largest cultural projects. The new cultural quarter, which will have a variety of arts and cultural facilities, is a must for those looking to immerse themselves in the city's cultural scenes.

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No matter which kind of traveller you are or what interest you have, Hong Kong will probably have something to capture your eye, suit your tastebuds and invigorate your attention. But no matter which traveller you are, Sedunia Travel has all sort of packages to suit your interest. Or you can always talk to them for ideas and suggestions on your next trip to Hong Kong once borders reopen. Check out their website for more info!

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