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8 Insta-worthy Spots in Hong Kong

As one of the most diverse and cultural cities in East Asia, Hong Kong is home to some of the most insta-worthy spots. Apart from the towering skylines and bustling streets, there are a variety of locations one can venture to for some of the most unique shots that Hong Kong has to offer. With the ever changing offerings of the city, we are here to provide the most accurate, if not closest information on the ideal spots!

1. West Kowloon Art Park

source: Discover Hong Kong

West Kowloon Art Park is set against the backdrop of the Victoria Harbor and is a stunning art park and waterfront promenade open to the public. The cultural district takes great pride in the Art Park with a balance of nature and wide spaces that are inviting for leisure and relaxation. There are a variety of activities to do here besides capturing the best shot for your next IG post while soaking in the picturesque views of the harbor as well as Hong Kong Island.

2. Xiqu Center

source: soundspacevision

One of the more unique places to visit would have to be the Xiqu Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui. The center, which was established in 2019, is a world class performing arts venue.. Its dramatic interior and façade depicts the Chinese Moon Gate motif and impart grandiose vibes. Besides maintaining the authenticity of the Chinese culture, the building is aesthetically designed to reflect modern times.

3. Victoria Harbor

source: Discover Hong Kong

There’s no spot that comes close to Victoria Harbor if one is looking for the perfect insta shot. Many crowd the harbor throughout the day; however, it is quite the contrary if you visit during mid-mornings. With exceptional views of the city’s skyscrapers, you will be sure to get at least a few good shots. If you are into light shows, catch the daily Symphony of Lights show that starts in the late evening. It is also recommended to get there early to get the best view.

4. Graham Street

source: Discover Hong Kong

Why is Graham Street so famous? Well, this is because it was created by an artist from the UK who is now currently based in Hong Kong. His street mural garnered the attention of many Instagrammers from all over the globe and many have paid a visit while being photographed in their creative OOTDs. It would be a waste to miss out!

5. Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Art

source: Explorest

Hidden in one of the latest redevelopments on the island, this spiral staircase is truly a photographer's delight. You can't get a more perfect angle as the staircase twists and turns down each floor. Tai Kwun – Centre for Heritage and Arts is Hong Kong’s largest ever historic building revitalisation project, transforming the city’s former Central Police Station compound, with its 170 years of history, into a new art and cultural centre.

6. Sai Ying Pun’s ARTLANE

source: Discover Hong Kong

Just a stone's throwaway from Sai Ying Pun MTR station Exit B3 is Art Lane - one of Hong Kong's brightest, most colour and exciting instagrammable art spots. The old buildings and alleyways are covered in murals painted by local and international artists to create the perfect spot for the 'gram. So, next time you're in the area, pay Art Lane a visit and see the neighbourhood in a whole new light (and colour).

7. Tian Tan Buddha

source: Tatler HK

The Big Buddha or more often identified as Tian Tan Buddha is the largest attraction on Lantau Island. With over 200 steps (268 to be exact) to reach the top of Mount Muk Yue, it would be a waste to not take photos of the majestic Buddha overlooking Hong Kong. While there, make a trip to the Po Lin Monastery situated opposite Tian Tan Buddha to continue the exploration.

8. Chi Lin Nunnery & Nan Lian Garden

source: Discover Hong Kong

The Nan Lian Garden which is adjacent to the Chi Lin Nunnery is one of the best places to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Its green façade provides a serene and calming feel as one approaches. The garden spans 3.5 hectares wide which is bigger than a football field. Here, you will see attractively arranged and delicately coiffed bonsai trees and captivating courtyards that are photo capture worthy.


Why settle for mainstream hipster cafes when there are countless options around Hong Kong? With so many aesthetic and unique places to choose from, you will definitely be spoilt for choice!

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