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Follow the Footsteps of BTS to these 5 Spots Around South Korea

No other K-pop band has taken over the entire world the same way BTS aka the Bangtan Boys has. But despite their international fame, BTS continues to make efforts to introduce their Korean roots in simple yet effective ways. In the past, they filmed a music video at Gyeongbokgung Palace while dressed in hanbok, and even appeared on an NBC talk show wearing hanbok.

In Korea, they visited many lesser known places, creating a wonderful tour course for BTS fans looking to follow in their footsteps.

Korea House

You may recognise this place from the cover of the BTS edition of the Billboard magazine. Indeed, the magazine shoot for the cover as well as individual photos of the band was taken here at the Nogeumjeong Pavilion at Korea House.

Aside from being the shoot location for BTS, Korea House offers visitors exposure to all types of Korean cultures from traditional food to the arts and even traditional wedding ceremonies. You can try a royal table d'hote, watch traditional performances and join inthe cultural programmes.

Jumunjin beach

Jumunjin beach became famous thanks to that one iconic scenes in the popular kdrama series, Goblin but did you know that it is also famous for another reason? Just along the road by the beach is a bus stop that was built especially for a BTS shoot. This spot is a must visit for all fans of BTS and Goblin for photos!

And while you're there, why not enjoy a day by the beach on a hot summer day?

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace is a recommended spot for any visitot to Korea but to the BTS fans, it's a must to visit. In September 2020, BTS recorded for an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC in front of Geunjeongjeon Hall of Gyeongbokgung Palace while wearing traditional hanbok. and the main building in the palace. Geunjeongjeon Hall was registered as National Treasure No. 223

Their performance was made even more spectacular thanks to the use of hundreds of drones. The pavilion appears to float atop the pond around it. It is especially popular in spring, when the weeping cherry trees around the pond are in bloom.

Awon Museum & Hotel

Awon Museum & Hotel was a filming location of the 2019 BTS Summer Package. In the film, the members of BTS also visited nearby attractions like Soyang Oseongje House and Uibongsanseong Fortress, quickly raising their popularity.

The house itself was originally built in Jinju, Gyeongsangnam-do, but was moved to the current location within Wanju Oseong Hanok Village. Despite the move, the 250-year-old house still maintains the dignity of a scholar’s lifestyle from the Joseon era.

Korea Furniture Museum

This spot is a celebrity magnet having seen the likes of Brad Pitt, Martha Steward and of course, BTS. The boys made an appearance in an episode of “You Quiz on the Block,” that filmed at the Korea Furniture Museum.

The Korea Furniture Museum is a unique museum that collects and displays Korea’s traditional wooden furniture. Items are grouped according to their location and use in traditional houses, as well as by material, and region of origin. Admission to the museum is strictly limited to those with a reservation, and tours are led by a guide, lasting approximately one hour.

source: Visit Korea Korea Tour

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