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How to Staycation with the budget of a college student

Written by Foo Mei Tze, from the perspective of a college student and intern at Sedunia Travel.

After going through almost a year of lockdown, I won’t miss any opportunities to go out and do something whether it is just a trip to the grocery store, shopping with friends or even just a road trip around my neighbourhood. I miss the spontaneous plans with friends to travel after classes to somewhere and maybe overnight without any preparations before the lockdown.

Before you comment anything, I am just a 22 year old college girl trying to enjoy her youth to the fullest before working for the rest of her life. Then the pandemic came and changed my idea of spontaneity . Now, with the interdistrict travel allowed, I could at least get away for a few nights to recharge my social life battery and have fun away from home.

Currently, I am undergoing my internship in Sedunia Travel agency and they have just launched the Get Your State-Cation On campaign. Since the interdistrict border is open, it is a great opportunity for people to escape from their surroundings and enjoy the scenery outside than their neighbourhood garden. This campaign introduces interesting hotels and resorts within the states across Peninsula Malaysia and best of all, some of the packages are affordable even for a broke college student like me.

If I were to pick, I would opt for the 2D1N Port Dickson Tasik Villa International Resort Package because of the beaches and the street food. With the sunny weather season, the best way to cool off is dunking oneself into the refreshing sea or sunbathing to get in some vitamin D.

Port Dickson is famous for its multiple beaches and popular beaches like Teluk Kemang and Saujana Beach have night markets nearby them. So, I don’t have to think much about what to eat after the beach sessions. Their street food is one of their main attractions as it is cheap, delicious and easily available at the same time. Not only can you save on food, a 2D1N stay at Port Dickson Tasik Villa International Resort only costs RM110 per person which is quite a steal!

But since I am from Selangor, Port Dickson is but a distant dream at least until interstate travel is allowed. So my second pick would be 2D1N PRIVATE @The Chow Kit by Ormond. KL and Selangor are one zone where people can travel freely between these two states. For this package, I would bring along friends to get further discounted prices in the hotel. The package includes a private dinner in my own dining room with the dishes delivered by the servers at set intervals.

The hotel also offers a choice to enjoy cocktails and aperitivo with an additional cost. I could decorate the residence to my liking and play my music on their personal devices on the guest room’s interactive televisions. During my free time, I could indulge myself in window shopping or walking around the city to enjoy the night scenery. Bars are abundant and some offer the beautiful view of the city like Sky Bar.

Before the lockdown, I was free to move around with families and friends without the fear of getting the virus. Things have become different after the lockdown. Even if I do go out, many precautions have to be taken to protect myself and others. I have learnt to appreciate every opportunity of traveling and also plan my bucket list to explore each part of the world. This came from a humble college student’s opinion. Thank you for reading my pandemic rants.

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