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Thailand's Maya Bay to reopen in Nov 2020

Beach lovers, mark your calendars because Thailand's most iconic beach Maya Bay in Koh Phi Phi will finally be opening its doors(?, docks?) once more by November 2020. Maya Bay has been closed to tourists since June 2018 as ordered by the Department for National Marine Park of Thai due to concerns of mass tourism on the bay's environment.

The area is undergoing an revitalisation effort which includes a US$200,000 wooden pier and mooring at Maya Bay’s back entrance for speedboats and long-tail boats.The new pier is expected to accommodate a maximum of eight boats at a time, with the number of boats being able to stop each day to be limited.An elevated boardwalk, a designated walkway for tourists, will allow access to Loh Samah Bay and onto a viewing platform at Ao Maya.In future, tourists won’t enter the bay by boat and they won’t walk on the beach.

Check back here for more updates on Maya Bay but it won't hurt to start planning for a Phukut holiday in December.

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