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The World Leader of Luxury Expeditions

Written by Ilona Chin

Ponant presents luxury expeditions to some of the world most remote and exceptional destinations on earth. Step aboard the state-of-art ships with an ultra-modern fleet, you will indulge in a stylish environment blend with French flair. A first-class cruise experience combination of excellent French culinary, luxurious amenities, attentive service and immersive expedition. Welcome aboard.

What made Ponant unique?

Have you ever dream of travelling to the remote lands aboard a once-in-a-lifetime cruise voyage? Unleash your inner explorer with Ponant, and the only French-owned cruise line blends luxury with expeditions and unique itineraries. With the fleet of 12 modern ships, Ponant has the ship and experience to take you to the most extreme region to Antarctica, Arctic Pacific Ocean and Northern Europe in complete safety. Whether Polar or Tropical, Ponant well-trained expedition experts will bring you as close as possible to the unspoilt nature and honour traditional cultures. These are the 4 Hand Picks recommended destinations by Sedunia Travel.

The Antarctic Polar Expedition

The leader in luxury expeditions to Polar region for over 20 years, Ponant promise of an unparalleled adventure in Antarctica. Set off to discover the icy vastness, massive tabletop iceberg, and abundant fauna of the mystery “White Continent”. The diversity of the landscape forms a natural haven for enchanting wildlife. Sail on the Weddell Sea, among the patches of pack ice. Zodiac® outings and shore excursions bring you closer to the pristine nature and interact with penguins, seals and other wildlife of Polar region.

The Arctic Explorer

Explore the untamed land of the Arctic region where the sun merely basks the horizon in the short summer. Endless sights of soaring glaciers, jaw-dropping fjords and incredible fauna await you. Venture to Spitsbergen polar to encounter polar bears, the lord of the sea ice in its natural habitat. Not forgetting to glimpse into the culture of Inuit people in their traditional bright-coloured village houses, admire sublime landscape where the ice meets the greenery and thriving marine wonders in the Greenland Sea.

The Pacific Ocean Adventure

The Azure ocean of the Pacific is home to many marine treasures and the largest sea on the planet. Unearth the remote archipelagos the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the dramatic fjords of New Zeland and untouched islands on top-end Australian. Ponant will carry you to the Southern Sea to discover the Asmat region and its tiny ancient village. Mingle with the locals as you enjoy the traditional culture show, immerse in the untamed beauty of the paradise and Aboriginal traditions in Northern Australia.

Northern Europe Discovery

From breathtaking Norwegian fjords to mystical British isles, Ponant sails between London and Dublin into the heart of Celtic shores further to the lands of magic and legends. Discover Dublin; the Irish metropolis is brimming with authentic charm and cosy ambience. The ship is sailing between Aberdeen and Cohenpagen along the Lyser fjord, meaning the “Fjord of Light”, bordered by towering granite cliffs. You will encounter many seabirds, gannets and European shags.

Calling lovers of exploration, adventure and discovery! Set on a once-a-lifetime expedition. Aboard Ponant to some of the most intriguing and untouched destinations on earth where the great story of human exploration took place. Solo travellers get to enjoy zero supplements on selected departures, book early to avoid disappointment. Find out more at

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