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Tips and Tricks to Making the Best of Your Vivid Sydney Experience

After two years, Vivid Sydney is back - bigger and better and we are just as excited as you to see what the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas has to offer. Throughout all 23 days from 27 May to 18 June 2022, you will get to see the entire iconic city of Sydney come to life in a different light - literally.

From the Opera House all the way to the Rocks and Harbour Bridge, spreading into the hip areas of Barangaroo, Central Station and The Goods Line, there is plenty to see and do. Check out our earlier article on the 10 light installations to keep an eye out for at Vivid Sydney.

For the first time visitor to Vivid Sydney, it might seem all too overwhelming but don't worry. We have compiled the these handy tips to help you get your best Vivid Sydney experience.

1. Stay close to the action Staying in the heart of the actions can make a heap of difference to your entire experience especially for a massive event such as Vivid Sydney. After a day of travelling and exploring, you will want to pop back into your hotel to fresh up quickly before heading out again in the evening to see the city light up.

Vivid Sydney is spread out all across the city so you have a wide area of accommodation to select from such as Sir Stamford at Circular Quay, Crown Sydney at Barangaroo and Mantra 2 Bond Street. Also for ease of transportation, try to get a hotel close to a train station which brings us to our next point...

2. Public Transport is your best friend TFE Hotels recommends opting for public transport. Sydney's public transport network is fairly extensive covering land and water and making travelling across the city a breeze. Just get an Opal card from any convenience stores and newsagents and use it for all public transport. Plus, there is a weekend cap at A$8.05 for adults for unlimited rides!

3. Dinner Cruise for a different POV

Feast your eyes on Vivid Sydney from the waters when you head onboard a 3-hour Vivid cruise. With expansive top, fore and after decks you'll get to experience amazing and uninterrupted 360-degree views of city illuminations - with only you and your fellow diners. The 3-course menu allows you to also enjoy New South Wales' seasonal produce at the same time.

4. Something for Everyone Vivid Sydney isn't just about the iconic sights and sounds. It's also family friendly which interactive displays set up to keep the little ones easily entertained. We also recommended heading to Taronga Zoo in the evenings to experience Wild Lights at Taronga Zoo.

It is an immersive and inspiring experience where guests can explore the Zoo after dark on an illuminated night walk, all whilst connecting with wildlife and conservation - a fun activity for the whole family.

5. Go on weekdays It goes without saying that weekends tend to bring in a huge crowd, not just from New South Wales but also other parts of Australia. We advice you to plan your visit from Monday to Wednesday.

6. Plan your meals early Everyone will be clamouring for the best restaurants with a view of Vivid Sydney at dinner time. Blogger Christine knight advices to get into the city early and eat before the lights even turn on. Her recommendation especially for those with kids is Gateway Sydney for casual, great food.

7. Dress for comfort Yes, we get it. The temptation to dress up to the nines for photos is great but do also remember that it can get chilly and windy this time of the year. While the lower temperatures will feel like a god-sent aircon during the day, a coat or a jacket is recommended in the evenings and at night. Better to feel warm and toasty than freezing your toes and fingers off during Vivid Sydney.

8. Head out later If you can afford to, visit Vivid Sydney after 9pm. The crowds tend to lessen a little towards the night when all the families have left for bedtime and the working crowd is done with dinner and some sightseeing on their own. This is also another perk of staying in the city, near Vivid Sydney which gives you a place to retreat to while waiting for the crowd to thin out.

9. Use a map Let us just say - there is no shame in holding a map and looking like tourist in Sydney. After all, that's exactly what you are and you should enjoy the experience entirely! Download this Vivid Sydney 2022 map and print it before you set off. It covers all locations and has a handy route map for the eight kilometres long Vivid Light Walk.

10. Shoot without flash A lot of photographers stand by this advice, despite turning on the flash being our first instinct when photographing in the dark. Instead, bring along a light weight tripod with a remote trigger or simply place your camera on a stable surface and set it on timer to reduce blur when shooting.

Vivid Sydney is best seen after dark so take advantage of the installation's own light source to brighten your shot. Of course, the technology in the camera of our phones nowadays are simply amazing and can do most of the work for you to capture your experience at Vivid Sydney.

With so many things to see, stretching all across the city, believe us. One night just won't do which is why two nights and more is highly recommended. You can also use our 48 hours itinerary courtsey of Destination New South Wales as a guide to start planning your stay or leave it to the travel experts of Sedunia Travel to do the hard work for you.

Sedunia Travel even has Vivid Sydney special travel packages available. You can even opt to customise and extend your trip to see more of Sydney and what else New South Wales has to offer. For more information, check out their site here.

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