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Top 20 Cities 2023: Tokyo Moves Up to Fourth Place, Entering Top 10 for the First Time

"Well-developed tourist services, including information centers, guided tours, and marketing by travel agencies, enhance the overall visitor experience..."(Jazlan Ahmad, Head of Marketing Division, Sedunia Travel Services)

Recently, Euromonitor International’s Top 100 City Destinations Index 2023 reveals the leading city players which have improved their economic and business activity, support thriving tourism infrastructure and performance, and show great potential for investment and operation amid increased overtourism, disruptive technology and increased need for sustainable actions. Essentially, this report explores areas of innovation embraced by cities as they fight geopolitical tensions and rising costs of living.

According to the report, The top 20 cities in Euromonitor’s Top 100 City Destinations Index 2023 are: 
  1. Paris, France 

  2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

  3. Madrid, Spain 

  4. Tokyo, Japan 

  5. Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

  6. Berlin, Germany 

  7. Rome, Italy 

  8. New York, United States of America 

  9. Barcelona, Spain 

  10. London, United Kingdom 

  11. Singapore, Singapore 

  12. Munich, Germany 

  13. Milan, Italy 

  14. Seoul, South Korea 

  15. Dublin, Ireland 

  16. Osaka, Japan 

  17. Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR 

  18. Vienna, Austria 

  19. Los Angeles, United States of America 

  20. Lisbon, Portugal 


As expected, Tokyo has conquered the top 10 for the first time significantly due to improved developments in tourism infrastructure. Despite of the easing of COVID-19-related regulations, the continued weakening of the Yen since 2022 has attracted tourists to the city, boosting hotel occupancy, to enjoy consumer experiences at very low prices. 

European destinations command the Index with 12 cities in the top 20 and 63 in the top 100. No doubt, this performance is influenced by fast-paced urbanisation as well as widespread technology adoption. 

"Regular cultural events, festivals, and celebrations can create a dynamic and exciting atmosphere, drawing tourists during specific times of the year..." ( Jazlan Ahmad, Head of Marketing Division, Sedunia Travel Services )

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