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Why Sail with Ponant for your 2022 Cruise

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

We're sure you're just itching to travel the world once more, sail across waters again to discover new adventures. But the pandemic has made many hesitant with so many uncertainty.

With this in mind, Ponant has combined small capacity ships, eco-design, health protocols and partnering with local players to offer responsible travel that promotes sustainable tourism. Thanks to their innovative actions, which is exceptional in the cruise sector, the company is well equipped to roll out protocols rigorously, quickly and efficiently.

Here are the steps Ponant has taken to ensure you are confident in your decision to sail with them once more.

Sail with Confidence

Whether on land or onboard, your safety is one of the absolute and primary concerns of Ponant. As scientific advances are made, Ponant optimises its already robust protocol to guarantee an optimal experience by integrating all the technological, human and material measures to ensure the provision and maintenance of a hermetic "Anti COVID" sanitary bubble. This reinforced protection is based on three “shields” designed to guarantee drastic on-board access conditions, strict on-board sanitary protocols, daily control and monitoring of guests, equipment and ships.

Anti COVID zone access conditions

Every guest is checked and subject to the "Anti COVID" access protocol which consist of several steps:

Maintenance of the Anti COVID zone

All persons onboard (guests and crew members) are required to comply with the mandatory health protocol, and all their onboard spaces are regularly cleaned and treated to ensure total disinfection. To preserve and maintain this sanitary bubble, shore/land excursions will only take place in regions where the epidemic is under control.

Checking and monitoring of the Anti COVID zone

To ensure they can provide you with a Anti COVID zone throughout your voyage, Ponant have designed and developed a fully-fledged checking and monitoring system with respect to the health protection situation onboard their ships.

Ponant has released its Health Protocol Manifest to give their guests the ease of mind when booking with them. Over many years, the company has also invested in state of the art medical facilities on board its ships (ultrasound and radiography equipment, testing on site, resuscitation equipment, etc.) that go well beyond what current standards for tourism require. A medical team comprising at least one doctor and a nurse are available 24/7.

Furthermore, Ponant has also introduced a range of exceptionally flexible, STRESS-FREE booking and cancellation conditions that allow you to cancel or postpone your voyage without charge.

Their Ultra Serenity Police includes a Covid guarantee with the most comprehensive and appropriate guarantees, so that you have greater flexibility in booking and, if necessary, the option of postponing or cancelling your next trip.

With these measures in place, Ponant is ready to welcome you with cruise dates for 2022 available for booking. Get in touch with Sedunia Premium, the official general sales agent for Ponant in Malaysia to secure your bookings today.

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